Back at my Favorite: Din Tai Fung Singapore

For someone who spends her weekends trying a restaurant or two, there are just days wherein I would go back to the ones that I've tried and "tasted" through time. These are the restaurants that I have full confidence in bringing a guest to as I know the best dishes by heart and I have full confidence that it will be just as good as how I've enjoyed it the last time..and the time before that.

din tai fung 1
One of my favorites here in Singapore (and basically in most parts in Asia) is Din Tai Fung. A restaurant that originated in Taiwan, they are very popular worldwide for their to-die-for Xiao Long Bao which is one of my all-time comfort food wherever I go. In fact, our first taste of Din Tai Fung was back in 2010 here in Singapore. We've been to a few more outlets after that, even to the one in Taiwan too. 

It has been 4 years of non-stop patronage and loyalty still Din Tai Fung serves consistently the best Xiao Long Bao for me. In addition to their XLBs, let me share with you some of my regular orders whenever I get to dine at Din Tai Fung

din tai fung 2
Hot & Sour Soup (S$5.50 / S$8)
Despite the crazy warm weather in Singapore, I would always make it a point to start my meal with bowls of Hot & Sour Soup. I actually first had this when I dined at Din Tai Fung with my Ninang M who loves this one so much that she would get all happy and giddy while enjoying this. I love pouring a small amount of black vinegar to make it even more tangy. 

din tai fung 3
Crispy Golden Prawn Pancake (S$9.30)
This actually falls under the appetizer category but I enjoy having this with rice. 

din tai fung 4
Steamed Pork Dumplings - Xiao Long Bao (S$9.80/10 pieces)
The star of your meal! The wrapper has the just-right thickness which is thick enough to hold the soup inside but you can easily bite into it with ease. Be careful though as the moment you poke a hole into your Xiao Long Bao, out comes a generous amount of soup and the meaty filling inside. It's heaven on your soup spoon, I would say. They also have a Truffle Xiao Long Bao version which I have yet to try. Has anyone tried this already? I wonder if it's any good. 

din tai fung 5
Fried Rice with Shrimp and Egg (S$11)
No meal is complete without having my favorite fried rice. I tell you, for the past year, I've been trying to lessen my rice/fried rice intake but Din Tai Fung's fried rice remains to be my weakness. I just can't resist having a full bowl of fried rice with my other Din Tai Fung staples as it's so delicious and really addicting. 

din tai fung 7
Stir-Fried Spinach with Garlic (S$9.80)
It's always nice to balance out your meal with some leafy vegetables. This is a simple, no-frills veggie dish. In addition to the spinach, I also love the Stir-Fried Dou Miao with Shrimps (S$15) which has been my newest favorite lately. 

din tai fung 6
Deep-Fried Special Marinated Pork Chop (S$8)
The Taiwanese are famous for their pork chop so definitely ordering pork chop is a must when dining at Din Tai Fung. I'm not that crazy about it though but the men in our family loves it! 

din tai fung 8
Steamed Yam Dumplings (S$8.80/10 pieces)
For dessert, I love getting the Steamed Yam Dumplings. Delicious creamy yam filled inside a mini dumpling. Best eaten when hot for you to be able to fully enjoy the play of texture between the silky creamy filling and the chewy wrapper.

din tai fung 9
This can be pretty addicting though, don't say I didn't warn you! :)
These are my top picks whenever I dine at Din Tai Fung. How I wish they'd soon expand and branch out to the Philippines someday as it has branches not only in Taiwan, Singapore but in Thailand, Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, the USA and Australia. 

Din Tai Fung has 18 branches all over Singapore. My favorite is at the basement level of Raffles City Shopping Centre, 252 North Bridge Road (MRT: City Hall). Click here to see the full listing.

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