Morton's : The Steakhouse at Mandarin Oriental Singapore

Over dinner at Prata Planet one evening, my friends and I began talking about steak. Yes, I was in the presence of steak-loving guys who take their cuts of meat seriously. I asked around where's the best steak in Singapore and I got a number of recommendations. My list of places to eat in Singapore is starting to get really long... hooray!

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One of those recommendations given was Morton's Steakhouse at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Well, that's one restaurant that I can happily put a check on my list as I was able to visit this a few months back. Let me tell you about my Morton's experience. 

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Stepping inside the restaurant, Morton's Steakhouse has a similar feel to most fine-dining steak restaurants -- heavy wooden interiors, dimly lit with candlelights on every table (or in this case a really cute lamp), servers in black and white. The menu was pretty simply and straight-forward. We were served with bread for starters. I have to admit that I wasn't able to eat much of the bread as I really wanted to save space for dinner. 

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Our dinner began with Morton's Prime Ocean Platter - Baked (S$85 - S$255). This is definitely the BEST way to start your meal with. We enjoyed the fresh selection of seafood such as the Sea Scallops wrapped in Bacon, Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes, Oyster Rockefeller and Jumbo Shrimp Alexander. I can't exactly pinpoint which one was my favorite as I couldn't help swooning after every bite. It was just so good and perfect. 

However, the Ocean Platter wasn't the star of the night..yet. Morton's is known of its steak and so we indeed dined at Morton's to try it ourselves. To be honest, I'm not a big steak fan. Yes, I do appreciate a medium-well grilled slice of tender meat but anytime I have the chance, I normally would go for seafood over steak. So, I decided that if I were to try Morton's steak, I want to taste the full flavor minus the frills. 

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I got the Center-Cut Prime Ribeye 16oz (S$99.50) which was one of the popular choices in the house. I almost fell off my seat the moment I saw the steak in front of me. It was HUGE! Just to show you how big it was, I placed an iPhone 5 just right beside it and this 4.87 inch phone looked so tiny beside it. Okay, after recovering from the shock upon seeing the size of my steak, I quickly sliced it in the middle as I was pretty certain that I won't be able to finish it all. At least, I'll be able to have the untouched half packed and to be enjoyed the following day. The steak was perfectly grilled with a thin layer of crunchy burnt ends that I love. It was very tender however I wish that they had sprinkled a little sea salt over it to bring out the flavor even more. 

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One thing about having steak is that I also love the sides that come with it. To go with my Ribeye steak, I got some Creamed Spinach (S$22) which was really big and good for sharing. This is my favorite side dishes and I would make it a point to get this whenever it's available in the menu. Morton's Creamed Spinach surely didn't disappoint. I love the creamy texture which went so well with my perfectly grilled steak. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), my dinner companions are not too wild about having veggies for dinner so I basically had the Creamed Spinach all to myself. *grin*

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Opposite me was G who was happily enjoying his Five Peppercorn Rubbed Prime Strip Steak 20oz (S$138) which was huge in serving too and was a bit spicy brought about by the peppercorn. He enjoyed it very much though and was successful in finishing his meal. Wow! 

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For dessert, we shared the Morton's Hot Chocolate Cake (S$30) which was divine! We just love the warm molten lava chocolate cake as well as the milky vanilla ice cream. The chocolate was rich and truly decadent making this such a delicious way to end your fantastic meal. 

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We also had the giant Grand Marnier Souffle (S$37.) which was really big! It's good for sharing by perhaps 3-4 guests. I just had a small spoonful of this as I was really happy with the Hot Chocolate Cake which was sitting prettily in front of me. 

Average cost per head is probably S$250 however I'd say, it was really worth it as our experience at Morton's was definitely one for the books! 

Morton's is located at the 4th level, Mandarin Oriental Singapore, 5 Raffles Avenue, Marina Square. Make a reservation by calling +65-6339-3740. 

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