Let's Lunch : Moo Bar & Grill at McCallum Street

One reason why I just love working in the Central Business District (CBD) is that the choices for places to have lunch is ENDLESS. Seriously, on my first week with the company a little more than a year ago, it would take me half an hour to choose where to get lunch as I would walk around the block and still end up undecided where to either dine in or to tabao (take away) my food. From Japanese to Mediterranean, not to mention we got the Amoy Food Centre just a few steps away, our office area is every working foodie's dream come true!

moo bar grill 2
I love going out for lunch with my colleagues at least once a week as it gives me a good breather even just for an hour. Lunch meetings are fun too as you get to do something productive while enjoying a good meal. That's what I'd call hitting two birds with one stone. So, during one of our lunch meetings a few months back, my colleagues and I decided to have it at Moo Bar & Grill which is just a few steps from our office. Its location is so perfect that majority would hang out at Moo on a Friday night for a few bottles of beer before heading home. Since, I don't drink (that much), I'm there for the bar chows! :) I'd say, their deep-fried starters are quite good. I'm a fan of the calamari as well as the shrimp skewers too! We would normally get a few orders of these to share. The Sausage Platter (S$22) is also a popular choice among their regular patrons too.

moo bar grill 1
For that particular lunch, I wanted to take the healthier route so I went for the Pan-Roasted Tasmanian Salmon (S$47). Each main dish comes with your choice of soup or salad. I went for the Fresh Garden Salad that came with Thousand Island dressing which I requested to be served on the side. The vegetables were fresh and the lettuce was crisp. I'm just not a fan of Thousand Island dressing so I would just lightly dip my lettuce into it to add more flavor.

moo bar grill 3
The Pan-Roasted Tasmanian Salmon was really good! I was given the choice to swap out my grilled veggies with truffled mashed potato but I guess there was a slight mixed up in the kitchen so the server gave me both. I happily shared this with my colleagues as the scent of the truffled mashed potato was pretty much mouth-watering. As for the fish, the salmon was indeed very fresh and the meat was very tender while the skin stayed crunchy. It was really delicious and I was very happy with my choice.

moo bar grill 4
For dessert, we shared the Homemade Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream (S$15) which was okay but I have to admit that I was looking forward to a more unique or a leveled up dessert. Perhaps a nice slice of cake or maybe even a Molten Lava Cake in fact.

The best part about dining at Moo Bar & Grill is that they have an all-day 1-for-1 main course promotion so you basically just pay for one (whichever is highest, of course).

Check out Moo Bar & Grill at 21 McCallum street (across Tokio Marine), 01-03 The Clift, Singapore. Call them at 6634-2662.

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