Lunch Special : Gaest at The Clift, McCallum Street

Meet the newest kid in our office block!

I've mentioned a number of times how I just love working in the CBD mainly because of the endless choices of food options that we get on a daily basis. Just recently, I visited a new cafe that opened a few months ago with fellow blogger A. If you know A, you'll know that he's the person to go to when you want to talk about coffee and to get tips on where to get the best cup in the country. It was just perfect that A also works in the area so we agreed to meet up for lunch one day.

Gaest is one of the newest cafes which specializes in Nordic cuisine. I was initially confused what Nordic food is and a couple of research showed me how healthy it is. Using organic ingredients, Gaest serves four types of sandwiches -- Pork, Chicken, Potato and Salmon. What makes it so interesting is that they bake their own bread daily and almost all things that go into your sandwich is fresh. Just recently, they also started offering salads and soups too.

gaest singapore1
Since A has been there a lot of times already and it was my first time, I just relied on him to reco what I should have for lunch. He told me to go for the Pork Sandwich (S$13) which is a hefty serving of crunchy pork slices with thin apple slices, shredded red cabbage and their homemade dressing. It was really big and filling that I just ate half of the sandwich and the rest was happily enjoyed by Paul at home. I was so happy that A suggested this one was I was initially eyeing the Salmon Sandwich which he said was good but pretty ordinary. Well, the Pork Sandwich surely blew me away and it has been part of my daydreams even days after that. Guess, it's time to go back soon.

gaest singapore3
A went for the Watermelon and Feta salad which looked really refreshing. He asked for an extra serving of bread to go with it but the size of the salad alone was big enough to make for a filling lunch on its own. I love watermelon salad especially this kind which comes with cubes of feta cheese and sprinkled with sunflower seeds. I'm definitely trying this next time.
I have to admit that the price range of Gaest' menu is a bit above my daily lunch budget but it's always a good thing to treat yourself to a good and healthy meal at least once a week. I found out that Gaest is also open during the weekends and they have a nice brunch menu as well. Now, that deserves another blog review, don't you agree?

Till next time!

Gaest is located at 21 McCallum street, 01-01 The Clift, Singapore. Call them at 6634-0922.

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