Frannywanny does the Koala Shake! (Lotte Koala's March Magic)

So this is what curiosity can do to you!

Inspired by a couple of Youtube videos and an Instagram photo of a friend, I decided to take the challenge and to do the Koala Shake!

kshake 1
So, first thing was to head to the nearest grocery and to get a box of Lotte Koala's March Chocolate Snack. For those who are not familiar with this, these are crackers filled with gooey chocolate! It's pretty good and can be quite addicting. Click here to see how it looks like.

To show you how I did the Koala Shake challenge, please watch this short video that I've created:

Tadahhhhh! So there you go. After about 30 minutes of non-stop, vigorous shaking out came a beautiful crunchy chocolate ball that smells sooooo good! Amazing isn't it? So the Koala Shake is true!

kshake 2

Here's a photo to show you how it looked like inside:

kshake 3

I hope you all enjoyed the video and do share your own Koala Shake videos and photos with me too! ♥

p.s. no koalas were harmed during the shoot! ;)


  1. Wahahaha! My friend told me the same thing and I didn't believe him! I'll try it again. We did it for just 15 minutes and failed.

    1. yay!! share your photo and video below ok? :)

  2. omg hahaha we will also try this franny!! :) So cute! I wonder if it's the same as Hello Panda! :P I'll let you know! ;))

    1. it was so fun doing it! :) try it! cant wait to see your photos

  3. Oh! I didn't know that it's the way it should be. I eat it with those pieces before I knew all about this. So much fun!!

    1. @cheekeegirl: try it!! share a photo with me ok? :)


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