Once Upon a Milkshake -- Where Childhood Dreams came True!

While walking around Raffles City a couple of months ago, Paul and I chanced upon this cute purple shop that sells...MILKSHAKES!

once upon a milkshake 1
Now, if you're like us whose childhood includes eating loads of ice cream and drowning ourselves in those thick creamy milkshakes, then you can probably imagine how excited we both were as we got closer and closer to the store. "Welcome to Once Upon a Milkshake!" The server greeted us! What a catchy name. I love it!

once upon a milkshake 3
Looking at the menu, we would chuckle every so often as one of us would point out a flavor which was given a funny name. Imagine ordering Sir Cookies & Cream or Baa Baa Naa! Humor aside, it was really a challenge to just choose one as more than one flavor brought back a lot of nice childhood memories and it just sounded so yummy! Finally we went for the Spooky Mocha in a Regular (S$4.90) cup as it was almost dinner time.

once upon a milkshake 4
In addition to the flavors, you can actually choose these toppings for that added yum! We just wanted our milkshake rich and smooth so no add-ons for us this time. Perhaps in my next visit, I'll try adding some marshmallows or OREO powder in.

We finally got our milkshake and I just have to say that it was indeed a delicious cup of creamy, rich mocha milkshake. The flavor was spot on and it was just so smooth that you would really have to resist and slowly sip your milkshake to enjoy it longer. Well, we were obviously too happy and excited about it that in no time, we were left with an empty cup.

once upon a milkshake 2
A bit too quick that I forgot to take a photo and here's what's left of our delicious Spooky Mocha Milkshake. *blush* My apologies, dear readers.

We will definitely be back however I do hope they'd add in more branches soon. I also heard that Once Upon a Milkshake has opened two branches in Manila, I highly recommend for you all to give it a try.

Here in Singapore, Once Upon a Milkshake is located at Raffles City (#B1-51) and at Maxwell Chambers, 32 Maxwell Road. They also have kiosks in Thailand, Malaysia and in Korea. 

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