Sushi Burrito at 100AM, Tanjong Pagar

When in comes to workday lunch, I normally would go for something fast, easy-to-eat yet still delicious. Often times, I'd just prepare my own lunch and bring it to work. This is the only way I make sure that I eat healthy. My usual lunch staples would be an assortment of salad mixes which consists of whatever I find in our fridge that morning or a grilled cheese sandwich. Sometimes, I'd bring pasta to work only when I was able to cook some the night before. However, there are just weeks wherein either I'm too lazy to prepare something or I just want to eat something else. Luckily, my office neighborhood (a.k.a. my workhood) is filled with a LOT of food places so the choices are pretty much endless.

sushi burrito 1
Recently, Paul and I discovered a restaurant called Sushi Burrito in 100AM. It was after our gym visit in the same mall where we decided to check this place out. Funny that I've been seeing this restaurant for months since we moved to this side of town yet I never really got around to trying Sushi Burrito myself. This is a cool concept, if you ask me. We all love wraps and sushi right? Putting them together gives you the best of both worlds (literally and figuratively).

sushi burrito 2
Coincidentally, our Entertainer App has a special 1-for-1 promotion where we can get two Half Sized Sushi Burritos for the price of one. I then got the Rising Sun (S$6.90) while Paul went for the Crabby Crunch (S$6.90). The Rising Sun is a high California Maki Roll with fresh salmon sashimi, crab meat, lettuce, avocado, onions, carrots, cabbage (lots of it) and fukushin zuke. It was really good and I enjoyed it! More so when I added a bit of wasabi and soy sauce similar to how I would do it with a sushi roll too.

Paul's Crabby Crunch was interesting. Soft-shelled crab with naruto maki, lettuce, cabbages, red pickles, carrots and avocado. You may have noticed that the meat or seafood wasn't much but the roll is packed with a good mix of veggies. This is perfect for those who wants to eat healthy. In fact, this roll only has 281 kcal which is good!

It was so good that obviously, half a roll wasn't enough for us. We went back to the cashier to place another order. Thankfully, we can still use the Entertainer App for round 2. Hooray!

sushi burrito 3
This time, I went for the Flaming Dragon (S$6.50) and Paul chose the Yummy Belly (S$6.90).

From the salmon sashimi, I had the fresh tuna sashimi for the Flaming Dragon. In addition to this, the roll had jelly fish sliced, lettuce, onions, cucumber, purple corals, takuan and potato chips. I find this just a-okay. The tuna was a bit on the spicy side which I was surprised to find out after dunking it into my saucer of wasabi-soy sauce. Still, the tuna was quite bland or the vegetables were just too overpowering. Nonetheless, I'd go for the Rising Sun anyday.

As for Paul, he enjoyed the Yummy Belly saying that the sliced beef strips were tender and good. It's also loaded with lettuce, tomatoes, green onions, cucumber and spring onions topped with fukushin zuke (sliced picked vegetables). He said it's like a beef sukiyaki wrap and surprisingly, its only 132 kcal! Such a healthy option, indeed.

Sushi Burrito was indeed a good, yummy discovery. I'm so happy that it's located just across my office making it so easy to visit anytime I want something fast, healthy and delicious.

Check out Sushi Burrito at 100 Tras Street, #01-06 100 AM Shopping Mall (beside Amara Hotel). Call them at +65-6543-6860. They also have a branch in OUE Link also within the CBD district. 

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