A Latte like Love with Starbucks Coffee ♥

Pardon the cute-sy play of words but I just can't help it! 

Ever wonder why coffee is normally linked closely to love and romance?
Girl meets boy in a coffee shop.
Girl and boy getting to know each other over coffee (and cakes, sandwiches or pastries!)
Boy professes his love to girl also in a coffee shop.
... and they live happily ever after with more cups of coffee shared along the way!

starbucks latte 2
For Paul and I, Starbucks Coffee surely has played a valuable role in our very own love life. Here's where we've spent a lot of hours after our dinner date be it just the two of us or with our groups of friends. Starbucks Coffee has also been our permanent venue when we were meeting up with our wedding suppliers some time back and up to today, it has been our third place -- that one place where we feel most at home from the exact type of drinks that we want (eg: Signature Hot Chocolate in Kid's Temp for him and a Non-Fat Hazelnut Latte, no whip in Kid's Temp for me), to the relaxing jazz tunes and the constant buzz of the Frappuccino blender in the background. 

starbucks latte 1
So last night, Paul and I thought of dropping by our neighborhood Starbucks Coffee to grab some coffee and to just spend some "us-time" after a busy day at work. We noticed the two new items on the menu -- French Vanilla and Dark Caramel Latte. I love latte so I immediately chose the French Vanilla Latte which has real vanilla beans and is drizzled with rich mocha sauce. I drank this without the whipped cream which I had to scoop out after taking this photo but I'm glad that that it still stayed so decadent despite that. It's rather on the sweet side though as I guess is brought by the mocha and vanilla combination. Maybe I'll request that they tone down on the vanilla syrup next time. 

Paul tried the Dark Caramel Latte which he said was really good. I'm so glad that he loves caramel as much as I do so he really appreciated this toffee-flavored drink. Surprisingly, he said, it's not very sweet.

I do hope that these new latte creations will permanently be part of the menu.

Check it out today at any Starbucks Coffee store near you! This is available in both Singapore and the Philippines.

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