Saveur @ Purvis Street, Singapore

I'm pretty sure everyone knows that feeling that one would get when you discover something and it turns out way better than you expected it to be. As a foodie, these are those moments when you try a new restaurant and it turns out to be really good. I personally get that natural high when I get to take friends out for a good meal and even more when we can really say that it was worth every penny too. After all, I am a believer that good food doesn't have to be over-the-top expensive too.

saveur 1
So, when my long time friends J and C came to the Lion City to celebrate their 1st wedding anniversary, I researched hard to ensure that we're taking them to a place that is perfectly suited for such a wonderful occasion. I've been hearing about Savuer from fellow food-loving friends telling me that this is a restaurant worth trying. A quick browse at their online menu and I felt that this could be the one.

saveur 2
Luckily J and C easily found the restaurant despite the fact that it wasn't inside a mall and neither was it that accessible to the MRT too. The restaurant is located in a quiet street next to the National Library and is a few blocks away from the Bugis district.

saveur 3
Saveur is a mix of French and Italian cuisine and is the sister company of Concetto in The Cathay. Walking into the restaurant, I could see a couple of similarities in terms of the design and set-up -- the open kitchen, trendy chairs and tables and dishes served on white plates.

saveur 5
We decided to get our own entrees as the serving seems to be just good for one. Funny though, we all got the famous Saveur's Pasta (S$4.90) for starters. Normally, pasta is part of the main entrees but it's interesting to see this served as an appetizer. Despite the small size, this was very flavorful as you could taste the minced pork sauce, chives, sakura ebi and a mild kick of the chili oil. The noodles were al dente and while it came in a small platter, it can be quite filling for starters so I recommend that you share this with your dinner date.

saveur 7
Moving on, I got the Pork Belly (S$10.90) which was deep-fried to perfection and served with green lentils and soft boiled egg. Quite unique, don't you think? Wish they served this with rice or mashed potato though as I really need my carbs with this delicious, crunchy slice of pork! Nonetheless, it was good and I happily enjoyed every bite of it.

saveur 6
Paul, on the other hand, tried the Chicken Roulade (S$9.90) and it was delicious! Chicken fillet stuffed with ...are you ready for this... foie gras!!! He was so sweet to share this with me and it was amazing! Served with creamy basmati rice, this is my type of dish. I made a mental note to get this on my next visit.

saveur 9
In true Saveur/Concetto fashion, I really enjoy seeing the beautiful dessert creations every time. We tried the Tarte au Citron (S$9.90) which which had a delicious lemon-y taste that will tease your taste buds of the perfect balance between sweet and citrus-y. It was really good!

saveur 8
The Chocolate and Hazelnut (S$8.90) is every chocolate lover's dream. Creamy chocolate mousse with crushed hazelnut, raspberries and nuts. It's like enjoying a bottle of Nutella..only way way way better.

Our meal at Saveur was pretty good! The serving were a bit small but I guess the price pretty much justifies it. I definitely will be back.

Check out Saveur at 5 Purvis Street, #01-04, Singapore. They also have another branch at Far East Plaza along Scotts Road. I highly recommend that you go early as reservation is not allowed and the place can get filled up easily. 

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