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Welcome to the new JENeration!

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I just love attending house parties. It's where you can just relax, enjoy the yummy food, mingle with new friends and catch up with the old ones too. I also love hosting small, intimate parties where I would have my closest friends over for dinner and some after dinner drinks or dessert. To be honest, I really get the thrill out of creating the menu and going over the logistics and planning more than anything. :)

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Recently, Paul and I attended one of the coolest house parties that we've ever been to here in the Lion City. It's when Jen opened her doors and welcomed us with open arms. Who's Jen, you're probably wondering. Well, she's a professional hotelier who loves life, travel and the adventure of discovering new places. Sounds like someone whom I'll surely get along with, don't you think? Jen is just like you and me. Someone who's always on the go yet we always make sure that we're connected through technology. We are multi-taskers, filling our calenders to the brim yet we know when it's time to just sit back, relax and enjoy the finer things in life.

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I'm liking Jen a lot and I'm glad that she's here to stay. This is because the Shangri-la Hotels and Resorts group recently rebranded Traders Hotel Singapore to the very hip and modern Hotel Jen. That's right, starting November 2014, the hotel will undergo a series of renovations where the room will be turned into something that's perfect for all the Jens in the world. Modern, interchangeable furniture pieces and an interactive TV with multi-device capability to make every stay so efficient and hassle-free.

To welcome the new change, we were treated to a delicious lunch at Cafe Biz. Let's take a tour around, shall we:

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It was so warm outside so it indeed felt so good to be welcomed by this friendly staff with a crate full of fruity water coolers

hotel jen 10
Delicious salmon was what I went for to start my meal. Look at how fresh it was!

hotel jen 8
This was followed by some huge lobsters and tiger prawns.

hotel jen 1
I couldn't help it! The meat was just so juicy and sweet, I wish I could just sit there and eat for hours.

hotel jen 14
They also had pork knuckles which probably would go so well with a tall glass of beer. I skipped that though as I wanted more seafood that day.

hotel jen 7
According to our friends from Hotel Jen, this talented auntie makes such amazing Penang Prawn Mee.

hotel jen 12
I just had to have a bowl to try and they were right! Now, I just made them promise to message me when that auntie is cooking and I would definitely love to have lunch at their cafeteria.

hotel jen 2
Aside from the talented auntie, the GM can make really good Mushroom Risotto too! I was so shocked to find out that he was the GM of Hotel Jen. Such a cool guy, don't you think?

hotel jen 3
A close-up of the creamy, truffle-infused risotto. I can really feel my mouth water now.

hotel jen 15
Went to visit the cheese section by Cheese Ark from Pasarbella where I had a taste of a plateful of hard and soft cheeses. Yum!

hotel jen 18
As with any house party, you are assured of not going thirsty at any point in time. We loved this Iced Tea bar where we can choose the blend that we want and add in the syrup depending on our sweetness preference. Really love this idea!

hotel jen 5
For those who wants their alcohol, Jen got it covered for you too!

hotel jen 16
Over to the dessert station, I happily helped myself to some Durian Mochi, Ice Cream and Carrot Cake. Of course, I also just have to get some chocolate covered marshmallow from the fondue too.

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Mind you, we didn't just stuffed ourselves silly during the house party. We played some games too! Ever heard of Human Foosball? :)

What a fun party! I tell you, Paul and I couldn't stop talking about it even days after. We love Jen and we can't wait to be back soon. Hopefully, I'll be able to do a hotel review of Hotel Jen to give you a better tour of the new, modern and hip rooms plus all the tech-friendly amenities that are in-store for every guest.

Hotel Jen is located at 1A Cuscaden Road, Singapore 249716. To reserve at Cafe Biz, call 6831-4333. 

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