Soulscape Singapore 2014 [Event Coverage]

I strongly believe in the saying that "health is wealth". After all, the worst thing is to spend your hard-earned money on medications and hospitalizations when you can try to avoid all these in the first place. I'm glad that as I'm trying to up my physical activity level lately, I'd come across local activities that would challenge me to go even further. No more excuses now and I'm learning to push myself to the limits and to see what else I can do.

soulscape sg 10
A month ago, I came across a Facebook sponsored ad about a fun yoga and wellness event in Tanjong Beach Club, Sentosa. The name is Soulscape Singapore and browsing through their website, I was immediately drawn towards the two exclusive yoga sessions -- Sunset Yoga and Yoga Rave. It was to be conducted by True Yoga making it even more enticing. I asked my dear friend D, who has been a great influence to me to eat healthy and to stay fit, if she wants to join as well. It only took D a few minutes to browse through the website and told me that she was game! Yay! :) 

We got the Full Yoga package (S$55 for early birds) which entitled us to access to all activities, a goodie bag worth S$100, one free non-alcoholic drink and free entrance to Sentosa. Not bad at all! After all, I was really after the two yoga classes and being able to experience doing my poses by the beach.  

soulscape sg 5
D and I got to the venue at 430PM yesterday. We were an hour early for the Sunset Yoga class so we just checked out the booths present during the event. I just love the beach! Okay fine, we all know that Tanjong Beach is man-made but walking on powdery sand and feeling the cool breeze blowing on my face somehow gave me a nice, relaxing beach vibe. 

Here are some of the booths that caught my eye:

soulscape sg 9
Fancy temporary yoga tattoo! I just love all the designs unfortunately it would be nice if I have an awesome body to stick it on. Next time, perhaps when my current ab has gained more friends and would turn to abs. ;) 

soulscape sg 8
This guy from Le Bono was selling bags of healthy chips. Really good deal as he was selling it a bag for only S$5 and you immediately get another bag for free. D loved the chips that she got 4!

soulscape sg 12
I also spotted Rejuicenate! Of course, I couldn't resist and got myself a bottle of my favorite Spicy Lemonade (S$8). I've been meaning to order a 3-Day Juice Cleanse from them, I really should get around to doing that soon. 

soulscape sg 7
We also dropped by the stall offering free UV body paint. Sadly the UV color died down by the time it was night time so I literally was just walking around with this neon abstract art on my forearm. Guess, not everyone appreciate abstract as the moment Paul saw me with it, he told me to quickly take a shower to scrub it off. Haha! 

At 530PM, our Sunset Yoga session began. It was an easy class that's more on stretching and simple yoga poses. Easy-peasy! 

soulscape sg 11
I'm glad that I've done yoga in the past and this one was something that I've pretty much mastered. I just love feeling of the stretch on my back, arms and legs. The class was conducted by True Yoga instructors and it lasted for an hour. 

After this, we had an hour break before the next session. D and I went to the bar to avail of our non-alcoholic free drink. OJ for her, Cranberry Juice for me. Nothing really to rave about but it was indeed very refreshing and perfect for the warm afternoon. 

soulscape sg 2
As the sun went down and the stars lit up the sky, we put on our glow sticks in preparation Yoga Rave. I love it! I really do not know what to expect for this class. I hope there would be a bit of fun moves too. 

soulscape sg 4
Well, Yoga Rave had more advanced moves that I totally sat out on the 2nd part of the session where participants started to do serious balancing poses and headstands (!). Oh dear, I really have a lot of practicing and balancing to do before I get to that level. For now, I'll just master my downward dog and planks. 

soulscape sg 3
So there you have it. This was my Soulscape Singapore 2014 experience and I can't wait for next year! It was really fun to spend the afternoon with my friend D and I'm looking forward to more workout and bonding sessions with her. 

Watch out for Soulscape Singapore 2015 and I'll see you there! 

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