The 240 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

I'd say that one of the most important questions to answer when planning for a trip is: where to stay?

This is where your main priorities come into play. Are you a seasoned budget traveler who don't mind staying in a simple hotel or even to rent a room from Air BnB? Perhaps, you're more like me, a pro-leisure tourist who values comfort and cleanliness above all. Don't get me wrong, it's just that for me, my choice of hotel is important as this is essentially my home away from home throughout the duration of my trip. Nothing beats being able to head back to a nice, spacious and clean room which is complete with all the amenities and facilities after a tiring day exploring the city. Of course, not all the time I can just indulge and stay in a classy hotel. This is where I'm so thankful for boutique hotels. Small-sized hotels with about a dozen rooms yet you are still well taken cared of and every corner, every room is just sparkling clean.

As we were planning for our Cambodia trip, C was able to discover a number of newly opened boutique hotels in both Siem Reap and Phnom Penh. I love that the hotels that we have chosen were strategically located within the walking distance to restaurants, pubs and interesting landmarks making it such a breeze to go there even for breakfast or during the late nights. For our overnight stay in Phnom Penh, we booked our rooms at The 240 which is just a stone's throw from the Royal Palace which the rest of our companions planned to visit the following day. 

hotel 240 phnom penh
Our big group of 7 were divided into three rooms: Paul and I took the Standard Double Room  ($53) which I'd say was so spacious and big. We joked that it looks like a honeymoon suite complete with a loft-type set-up and a wooden canopy bed.

hotel 240 phnom penh
The only thing that kinda ruined the "honeymoon" experience for us was when I had a bad fall after taking a shower. I ended up wincing in pain with a can of ice cold beer on top of my leg to lessen the swelling (got to hand it to Paul's resourcefulness!). This incident left me a terrible looking bruise on my leg months after. Ouch! Note to self, hold on to the handrail when going down a slippery marbled staircase after taking a shower to avoid flying all the way down.

hotel 240 phnom penh
Anyway, I didn't let that bad fall rain on our overnight "parade". Our room was equipped with the basic necessities and it even has an iPod dock and WiFi connection was very strong too.

hotel 240 phnom pehn
Take a peek at the Large Double Room ($58) where C, I and O stayed. It was so big that a kid can literally do cartwheels here. The cost per room is very affordable making this such a good deal!

hotel 240 phnom penh
For those who needs to do last minute internet surfing, there's a simple computer set-up at the 2nd floor.

hotel 240 phnom penh
Breakfast was also included in our room rate so the next day, we headed down to the hotel's only restaurant for our complimentary breakfast sets. It's nothing much, basically, we get to have some bread, our choice of egg, fruit juice and dessert. Definitely nothing spectacular but we all appreciated the clean and healthy morning treat.

Over-all, The 240 was a good choice and this is definitely where I'll stay again should I visit Phnom Penh in the future.

The 240 is located at 83, street 240, Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Visit their website to make a reservation or you can search for it in Agoda too. 

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