AK Bistro in One Rockwell, Makati

Let's take a walk down memory lane, shall we?

Remember the 1st ever entry that I wrote here in Frannywanny.com? It's about Angel's Kitchen, one of my favorite restaurants in Manila. Look how different my blog entry was then. Pure text and no photos. It even has a link to my now defunct Multiply account, the place where I really began food writing. No matter how "old school" this entry may feel, I really like it!

Every time we get to visit Manila, sure we would try to visit as much new restaurants as we could. However, we also make it a point to re-visit some of our favorites. So, during this recent visit, Paul and I brought the entire family to AK Bistro in One Rockwell. It's the hipper, younger version of our favorite Angel's Kitchen as this caters to a younger market while the former is the go-to place for families. The menu is pretty much the same though which I find to be quite odd.

Dining in a familiar place means ordering the same familiar dishes. Hay, we really tried our best to be more adventurous and to order something new but we just can't help it! Well, we have to satisfy all those cravings right?

Here are our usuals:

AK Bistro 1
Lamb Curry with Apple Raisin Chutney (Php. 558)
I know we can easily get good curry here but nothing beats this delicious dish with the lamb so soft and tender. The curry sauce was also very good and I love topping my lamb with the homemade chutney. I love love love it!

AK Bistro 2
John Dory with Parmesan and Caesar Glaze (Php. 408)
Another must-have. Having a somewhat caesar salad x baked dory combination. I love the contrast of the tender dory fillet and the crisp lettuce leaves on top. The sauce was delicious and I just love drizzling this on top of my bowl of rice. Yummy!

We actually have more favorites aside from these two but for now, these are just what our tummies can fill. We will be back for another visit, that's for sure.

AK Bistro is located at One Rockwell, Rockwell Drive in Makati City. Call them at 478-9880.

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