and the winner is.....ME! Ü

I'm a sucker for contests especially those that raffle off big prizes in supermarkets or department stores. Sadly though, I never won anything yet and still I keep on trying. "Who knows?! I might get lucky this time.", I'd always tell myself.

When Anton launched his Thank you blog site to celebrate the National Thank You Day last year, he also announced that he's holding a contest where the prize would be an autographed copy of his book on 2009. I immediately got to work and submitted my entry while crossing my fingers that it would at least be good enough to be posted on the site. Luckily, all entries were automatically posted and it was really fun seeing my work displayed online.

Time flies so fast that I totally forgot about the contest. After nine months, Anton finally announced the winners and guess what?! ......

I WON!!!

Thank you Anton! Ü

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