PoPpiN' iT with Nestle Pops! (last of 2 entries)

Dear readers and friends,

Forgive me for not immediately posting my follow up entry that I've promised two days ago. This is because, I was busy enjoying my Pops Cup that Nestle Ice Cream has surprised us with after the launch last Thursday that I totally lost track that it has been days since my last update.

I can't believe how good this new innovative ice cream snack is. It's really fun to just pop this tiny chocolate-y wonder into my mouth without worrying about making a HUGE mess which I always end up having after enjoying my ice cream. No sticky drippings, no trails left for those pesky ants and best of all, it's so small it's almost guilt-free! Yahoooo!

The taste is very similar to that of a Pinipig crunch minus the pinipig coating of couse. Indeed, I had a short Ratatouille moment when I had my first bite.

My sister adores the cute little red container that is really handy and perfect to be brought anywhere. I wonder if I can bring this to work as my little stash in case I need a cool brain break. Hmm..nice idea huh?

Well, I got to go now! Need to drop by our neighborhood supermarket to refill our stock of Nestle Pops!

Yes, we love it THAT much!

Catch ya'll later!

*photos by the el gwapito, Paul Ang

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