Dialogues @ Starbucks : Taking a Closer Look and finally Speaking Up

*I'd like to take a break from regular blogging for some shameless plugging*

When was the last time you can actually say you are HAPPY? Or perhaps, would you like to know the secret on how to discover how truly AWESOME is our planet?

Yesterday afternoon, a handful of bloggers and online media friends were invited to an exclusive sneak preview on the newest in-store activity called Dialogues at Starbucks.

What we promise is an hour of stimulating discussions on relevant topics, facilitated by interesting and (i must say) well-respected key speakers accompanied by cups of coffee.

During the sneak preview, for instance, participants listened to Anton Diaz (of our Awesome Planet) and JP Tanchanco who both shared wonderful insights which I believe is relevant on our perspective on life, how we deal with our society and a lot more.

Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet

JP Tanchanco

invited bloggers and media friends listening intently

Be sure to catch the first-ever Dialogues at Starbucks series on the following dates below:
June 21, 4PM : Starbucks Coffee Silver City (near Tiendesitas)
(featuring Anton Diaz and the WeeWillDoodle team)

June 28, 4PM : Starbucks Coffee Harbor Square (CCP Complex)
(featuring Dr. William Oliver of Fauna and Flora International)

July 5, 4PM : Starbucks Coffee 6750
(featuring Ivan Henares, Kidlat de Guia and JP Tanchanco)

See you there!!! Ü


  1. im excited. see you there fran! :D

  2. @m: yay! i'll see you there!!
    @bong: hope to see you and your fellow foodistas in one of our scheduled dialogues!!

  3. Franny!! Had a great time! I was super inspired! Kakaiba!!

  4. @candishhh: anytime ach!! :) my sis and i got so inspired too! Ü

  5. Fran! I'd love to go on the 21st! So I think I'll see you. Mwah! :)

  6. @sab: yipeeee i'll see ya!! ;)bring sophie ha :)

  7. Hi, this is an interesting get together. I hope to go to one of these sessions. In my business blog (http://custserv.gbwatch.com/), I participated in a reExperiencing Starbucks project (http://themarketingspot.blogspot.com/2008/02/re-experiencing-starbucks-2-for-1.html). This could be a learning experience for me.

  8. So that's how my hair look from the back lol

    I'll try to make it to the July 5 session ;)

  9. Hi Fran! Nice to meet you at the Italianni's bloggers' lunch. Sarap noh? =)

    Anyway, can I get a copy of the pictures I have in your camera? Thanks a lot!

  10. Sounds interesting :) I'll try to catch it and catch up with you too :) Maybe the July one ;)

  11. Hi! is this by invitation only? Id love to attend the next one.

  12. @carren: yay! looking forward to seeing you there!!

    @norbert: this event is open to the public :) hope to see you there!

  13. hey girl! id like to join pero ang layo! next time :) free-flowing ba yung kape? :)


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