Finding comfort in ice cream

As a girl who loves appetizers and desserts over a mouth-watering serving of main course, it then applies naturally that I find comfort when indulging in any dish that falls under either of the two categories.

More often than not, ice cream has never failed to be my "take a break, sit back, indulge" companion. It's a wonder how a scoop of this cold, creamy dessert acts like a magic potion in easing my stress away.

Mind you though, I can be very picky when choosing my ice cream.

For instance, I love Fruits and Ice Cream (FIC) because the creaminess is just right, not too watery and definitely not too thick to give me indigestion. The sweetness is subtle yet bursting in flavor that I do not feel guilty after treating myself to a two scoops in a waffle cone ice cream.

I'm glad that they're really expanding and there's at least an FIC stand in most places that I frequently visit. This is definitely one brand we, Filipinos, should be proud of. Ü

FIC's Pistachio and Caramello ice cream

How about you? What's your all time comfort food?

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