Getting bubbly with Bubble Tea!

Being a 90s/early 2000 kid, I have been a witness to a dozen food fads that have came and went just as fast as a speeding race car.

There's the mini donuts that even if it's swimming in oil, it tastes so good and so addicting that we can hardly resist buying a bag whenever we're out shopping in Glorietta.

There's also Ice Monster that was the cause of my tonsilitis after I've had a month-long craving of Strawberry Ice alternating with Corn Ice.

Lastly, who can ever forget Zagu that offered Fruity flavored shakes with that sweet, yummy black sago that at some point were said to be hazardous to our health?

Snacking has always been a fun activity with these choices around.

Thanks to the growing consciousness of healthy eating, restaurants and food companies have began to take notice in making sure that they offer dishes and drinks that are not only delicioso but are also, in fact, good for you.

My sister and I grew up in a family who appreciates tea as much as the world loves coffee. Thus, it is no surprise that it was pretty easy for our taste buds to enjoy tea based drinks while others might still find it bitter and would prefer something way sweeter.

Our dream is to be able to travel to Japan someday to enjoy authentic Bubble Teas which are normally a variety of milk teas with big and small black sago-like balls. However, as we continue to save up for this trip, we are happy that we can have a sneak preview of our newest favorite drink right here in Manila.

Located at the basement level of SM Megamall, Bubble Tea offers a long list of tea-based milk drinks and impressively yummy Japanese dishes. Since we just had a heavy lunch today, my sister and I got ourselves a large cup of Coffee Milk Tea (P90) to drink while going around.

Make sure to sit near the counter to be able to watch the server prepare your milk tea. We were amazed at the cool shaking machine that they use to blend the drinks. Sharing with you a video of the machine in action!

We'll definitely be back next time to try their real meals that looks oh-so-mouthwatering in the menu.

Bubble Tea is located at the Ground Floor of SM Megamall Bldg A and at SM North EDSA too!


  1. their food is good too. i like the spicy seafood cream pasta...

  2. Bubble Tea has been in my to-visit list ever since my officemate recommended this. But whenever were on our way to SM North Edsa, we always end up going at Trinoma instead... haha, nauuna kasi daanan yung Trinoma sa Edsa eh. =)

  3. @janey: ohhh ill definitely go back to try their hot meals soon!

    @badet: try mo nalang sis sa mega :P

  4. hi. bloghopped from anton's site. :)

    i'm getting curious with the store's name ah. bubble tea.. hmmm.. maybe i should give it a try.. ;P

  5. Hi Fran! Next time try their milkshakes. They're sooooooo good. Their strawberry milkshake is amazing.

  6. Hi Steph!! ohhh lemme try that next time :) thanks for the tip!

  7. hmmm strawberry milkshake:)

  8. I love bubble tea!! :P


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