Sweet romance with dessert

When asked about my favorite part of a meal, I would quickly answer "definitely appetizers and desserts." This is because I find gastronomic satisfaction in trying out a wide variety served in tiny portions until I finally decide on my favorite. Therefore, how can I possibly ever say NO to an opportunity to try the newest dessert innovation made by the Diamond Hotel?

Just by reading the invite, I imagine rows and rows of sweet, creamy, to-die-for delicacies. Now that makes my mouth start to water...mmmm

Life is Sweet

Called the Dessert Buffet, this is the first and one of the most (if not THE MOST) extensive dessert catering service in the metro as Diamond Hotel puts together an array of treats concocted with the skills and expertise of the hotel's kitchen team.

After a short briefing about this new concept, we were ushered towards the dessert buffet station where we first allowed our eyes to take a closer look at each unique creation before giving in our taste buds to do the work.

There were a LOTTTT of available desserts that it was pretty difficult for me to choose which ones I liked best. Alas, after a couple more bites, I finally made my decision and here, sharing with you my top 3 desserts (in no particular order) by Diamond Hotel:

1) Baked Cheesecake
My love affair with cheesecakes began back when Paul and I had Just Craving. Together, we would bake cheesecakes in big and small sizes for our supportive clients. Imagine waking up each day to the wonderful smell of cream cheese, eggs and crushed graham crackers. One bite of Diamond Hotel's baked cheesecake transported me back to those good ol' times of us baking, laughing and enjoying the rewards of our hard work.

2) Supermoist
Diamond Hotel's signature moist chocolate cake made with layers of rich ganache to give that extra mmmmmm.
One reason why I simply love hotel cakes? This is because they always give a unique twist to an ordinary dessert like that of a chocolate cake which is one of the most popular kind being offered by every baker in town. Believe me, this is not JUST a chocolate cake. It's the type of dessert that makes you want to have a slice just for yourself and won't make you feel bad or guilty at all (well...probably in a couple hours when reality sinks in hehehe). I promise you though that you will just shrugged the guilt away and smile because this cake is worth all that.

3) Le Royale
My friend and fellow blogger, Phoebe, has recently announced that this cake is her favorite chocolate cake. Thank God for having the chance to try it out myself, I'd say, I have to agree with her 100%!
Just imagine, dark Valrhona chocolate mousse with almond meringue and hazelnut crispy. Heavenly, isn't it?
I love how light and soft the cake is that makes it a perfect ending after a full meal.

The Party Cake

I always believe that a party will never be complete without cakes! The most challenging part however is choosing which cake to serve. Lucky for bakers out there who are willing to whip up a real, mean, yummy tasting party cake. However, for the rest of the food loving world, Diamond Hotel's Dessert Buffet is here to prepare a mouthwatering line of desserts that is sure to impress your guests during birthdays, weddings or any private functions.

Thanks to Diamond Hotel and the people behind this successful, sweet event, I now know where to get the best tasting cakes to celebrate special occassions with my loved ones. Ü

For inquiries, please contact Diamond Hotel's Indulgence Office at 305-3000 local 8413/8414/8460 or send them a note at indulgence@diamondhotel.com.

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