PoPpiN' iT with Nestle Pops! (1st of 2 entries)

Tonight was a COOL (or rather...a deliciously freezing) night! Together with my always-game mom, sister and boyfriend, we went to the Nestle Creamery to attend the first ever blogger's event sponsored by Nestle Ice Cream!

There was just so much excitement going on beginning from the friendly Nestle team, the servers and of course my fellow bloggers who were just as excited as I am as we were guessing what will happen in the next few hours.

Luckily, we didn't have to wait and wonder too long as Gel, the jolly representative from Nestle, began the program by welcoming us and immediately announcing that dinner is finally ready. Yipee! I was starting to hear my stomach growl :P

As we were lining up, I surveyed the buffet table and allowed my eyes to feast on the huge platters of cheezy lasagna, asian salad, grilled japanese beef, chicken lollies, and a lot more! It was a very colorful spread which is actually perfect for a fun kiddie party!

Half way through dinner though, Gel reminded everyone to make sure to leave some space for dessert to which we happily oblige.

After a couple more minutes, he was back again to present to us our dessert! We are all so curious as to what it really is but the only clue that we got are red handy containers with kisses-like chocolates inside. Hmm...looks very very interesting.

Alas, we were told that this is Nestle's newest product called the Nestle Pops! A fun ice cream snack that is very handy. No messy drippings, no bits and pieces flying all over the place. I'm actually thinking of bringing this inside the cinema on our next movie date.

I'm really impressed that Nestle was able to come up with this innovative snack that everyone will surely enjoy! However, the fun doesn't stop there. After the brief introduction on the product, our hand and eye coordination were put to the test as each blogger were given a chance to take the Poppin' Bloggin' Challenge. In line with the newest online game that Nestle came up with to support the launch of the Nestle Pops, we were tasked to play the game with the goal of popping the most number of Nestle Pops into the mouth of the virtual characters. What seems like an easy thing to do turned out to be quite a challenge. Timing is the key and with no practice game allowed, I'm just hoping that luck would be on my side as the prize is a cool Lomo Pop9 Camera! WOW WOW WOW!!!

I was part of the 1st batch to play and sadly I was just able to get a total score of 18 but I got to say, it was really fun! I think I'll try again during my free time to win myself any of the weekly prizes. Imagine winning any of the following: an IMAX ticket, Karaoke dinner, Ocean Park Manila tickets, gift certificates, EK tickets (woot woot!!) or a Nintendo Wii console and if you're really lucky, the grand prize is an XBox 360 console with a Rock Band Set! This is definitely something not only the kids but the kid-at-heart would go crazy for.

I'm happy for fellow blogger Arpee though who won the Lomo camera! Funny coz we were seated beside each other and he was really excited about the prize that he was actually planning a strategy to win! Good job! Ü

What a fun, cool night thanks to Nestle Ice Cream, Proximity Philippines and Mad Crowd Media. Hopefully, next time we can have a tour of the factory to see how our favorite ice cream flavors are being made!

In need of Nestle Pops Models?
frannywanny and jayme

Blogging Trio
Ryan of Kain Pinoy, frannywanny and Nina of Just Wandering

Up next: A closer look at Nestle Pops

*photos by the el gwapito, Paul Ang

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