Hi! I'm Fran and I'm a Pepper Lunch fan

After my first visit and after declaring to the world that i LOVE Pepper Lunch, I found myself back there again with two friends who are soooo exciting to get bitten by the PepperBug.

Call it good coincidence that my favorite chicken and salmon plate was out of stock forcing me to order something else. I then chose to have Cut Steak and Burger (P280) and a glass of Coke Light instead.

With very low expectations on my order as I am not really a steak person, I examined the thinly slices of beef and the meaty burger patty that were served in front of me. The aroma is just heavenly! Once again, I quickly spread the butter on the steak and the burger then flipping them over to make sure my meat gets evenly cooked.

The Verdict

The steak is really soft although I would have enjoyed it more without the visible fat strips on each cut. The burger, however, was a winner! I like how tender it is and it's so flavorful that I almost forgot to make use of the two sauces available on our table.

Perhaps on my next visit, I'll order my chicken and salmon plate again but will surely alternate this with the burger. Ü

Smelling like Steak

If only the management can do something about the exhaust. This is the one and only negative point when dining at Pepper Lunch. I always have to make a conscious effort to note that I'm having dinner there and I'll be going home right after because the smell can really stick to your clothes making you smell so mouth-watering steak-like. Yum!

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