Chinese-style Sunday at Le Ching Tea House

Lately, Paul and I have been going on a Chinese foodfest. For two consecutive days, we have been feasting on dimsum, steamed dishes and basically our childhood favorites!

Speaking of childhood favorites, Paul and I both remember dining at this particular Le Ching branch in Shoppesville inside the Greenhills Commercial Center. While the place underwent a slight renovation a couple of years ago, the same structure is still intact. The plastic tables, the wooden benches, the smell of steamed siomai, the not-so-tidy soy sauce container and of course their best-selling Spareribs Rice!

Last Sunday, Paul and I visited Le Ching for our early dinner. It was really easy to order as we both knew what we already wanted.

Service is fast here.

Just right after we place our orders, out came our steamed Siomai (Php. 70). While it may not be that big in size, I was surprised that it doesn't have that much pork fat which can normally be found in most dimsums. I love dipping each piece into the special soy sauce-chili-calamansi mix that Paul carefully prepares everytime we have dimsum on the table.

While enjoying our siomai, next came the steamed Chicken Feet (Php. 70). I know not a lot of people are fond of eating chicken feet, others even shudder over the thought. This is one thing we Fil-Chis are proud of. We have been trained to eat this at a very young age. Thus, by the time we realized what it really is, we have already consumed more than a dozen chicken feet by then. Seriously speaking, this is one dimsum that I love and I make sure to get whenever I get the chance to. I love how its the ultimate test of patience as you have to take out all the tiny bones before enjoying it piece by piece. The sauce is so good that I enjoy mixing this with my rice.

Lastly, the star of our meal... the reason why people just keeps going back to Le Ching, the Spareribs Rice (Php. 115). Back then, Le Ching has won our hearts with their heart-stopping, mouthwatering Spareribs rice. I love the flavor of their meat and despite that it used to be loaded with fat, no one seems to care as every table surely has at least one bowl of Spareribs Rice.

This time, they have improved and there are less fat and more lean meat. Still they have maintained the same tenderness and flavor that we all love and continue to crave for. I love the sticky, fragrant rice that goes with this dish. Paul and I would normally share one bowl in order for us to be able to order more dimsum! This is definitely one dish you shouldn't miss when you visit Le Ching.

Le Ching is located at the Ground Floor of the Shoppesville Mall, Greenhills Commercial Center, San Juan. They also have branches in 888 Banawe street, Quezon City, Trinoma Food Choices, Timog Avenue in Quezon City.

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