Oishii : Sango! The Burger Master

Just recently, Paul and I went on a Chinese food fest all weekend with Le Ching and Eat Well.

This time, we're saying irrashaimase and arigato gozaimasu as we're both craving for Japanese food!

After getting all sentimental and dramatic after watching Valentine's Day, we walked out of the cinema thinking of where to eat. I spotted the bright yellow vendo machine and a couple of cute origami pieces that I suddenly blurted, "let's go to Sango!", to which Paul immediately agreed.

While we have been to Sango a couple of times before, we both agree that it's about time to go back and to enjoy their famous Master Burger and perhaps a cup of their refreshing Strawberry Soda.

Normally, I would get my favorite Yakiniku Rice Burger but I decided to try something else that evening. Obviously taking a long long time in front of the self-order machine, the friendly server called us over and offered to assist us with our orders.

Paul got the Master Cheese Burger meal (Php. 240) that comes with a small bag of fries and a cup of strawberry soda. We requested to upsize both the fries (+Php. 15) and the soda (+Php. 20) to share.

I am a huge fan of Pork Katsudon (Php. 225) and this is normally my default order when dining in a Japanese restaurant. Paul couldn't even help but roll his eyes the moment he hears me ordering this. I guess, I just can't help it! This is definitely my favorite donburi!

We entertained ourselves by watching some magic show playing on TV. I just love Japanese entertainment! I can just imagine flying to Japan and watching authentic Japanese shows on their local network!

Our french fries was the first to arrive. In addition to tomato ketchup, I ordered additional tartar sauce which very much tastes and smells like egg salad. Yum! I enjoyed dipping Sango's crispy thick-cut fries into both our tomato ketchup and the creamy tartar sauce. Note that we already got the large pack and yet it's relatively smaller than its western a.k.a. American fast food counterparts.

Next came the sweet, refreshing strawberry soda. I love it that they added a slice of lemon that makes it even more refreshing. If only we can have it in a HUGE cup then we would be very very happy!

One order of the pork katsudon comes with a bowl of miso soup and some Japanese radish. I'm not really that fond of miso soup while Paul likes this so much so he happily got my bowl and slurped away. According to him, there's just too many veggies included in Sango's miso soup and the absence of the thin nori sheets that makes it extra flavorful. Wish they can make it more authentic for all miso soup fans to enjoy.

The pork katsudon was well-done. I like it that the pork was pretty lean and the rice was sticky and flavorful. The egg was soft and fluffy, just the way I like it. Look! They even added those thin nori strips on top of my donburi, hmmm I should have added those into Paul's miso soup.

Sango is known for its burger and they're really an expert on this. Paul's master cheese burger had a generous serving of meat sauce sandwiched in between lots of minced onions and a juicy slice of tomato. The burger was juicy and delicious. This is definitely a manly man's meal and Paul was obviously happy with his choice.

We had a lovely casual Japanese dinner and this really made me wish even more that hopefully we can fly to Japan soon! Keeping my fingers crossed, dear readers. :)

photo credit: Paul Ang

Sango! The Burger Master is located at the 6th level of the Shangri-la Mall. They also have branches at the Powerplant Mall, Creek-Side Mall (Amorsolo Street, Makati) and at the South Supermarket in Alabang.

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