Happy Soles will flipflop their way to Brazil!

I remember the day when I bought my first pair of Havaianas. It was a laid-back Saturday back in 2005 wherein I was leisurely strolling around The Podium Mall. With no where else to go, I decided to check out this sports retail shop that carries brands like Roxy, Quicksilver and Havaianas.

After scanning through the rack, my eyes zeroed in on this cute pair of baby blue flipflops that has a thicker sole giving me more height. It didn't took me that long to decide that I wanted this pair of flipflops! I didn't even bother returning it to the box. Instead, I requested the sales clerk to box in my worn out shopping sandals as I will be wearing my new pair of flipflops. Within minutes, I walked out the store as a proud and happy owner of my first ever Havaianas Joy.

Since then, my Havaianas Joy has been my constant companion wherever I go. It has accompanied me to several domestic and international destinations already, it has been there through my ups and downs and it has been and continues to be my weekend buddy most especially whenever I'm in the mood to take a short stroll around the neighborhood.

My love affair with my Havaianas grew since then...from my Havaianas Joy... I also have my very own customized pair and a whole lot more. I think I actually have more pairs of flipflops that I have of shoes! I guess, one pair is just not enough to flipflop my way around town!

This year, Havaianas Philippines aims to make someone's travel dreams come true!

Imagine going on an all-expense paid trip with 3 of your friends to beautiful Brazil where you can travel all the way from Sao Paulo to Rio de Janeiro. You can shop till you drop at the Havaianas Concept Store along Oscar Freire street, home to Brazil's fanciest boutique stores!

Lastly, you can see the iconic Christ the Redeemer which was the very same one shown in the movie Romeo and Juliet.

This is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime moment and all you have to do is to answer this very simple question:
If anything was possible, what would you do to make the world happy for a day?
Answers may be uploaded on the Happy Soles will travel to Brazil Official Site or via the roving video booths that may be seen in various major malls around the city.

Prizes! Prizes! Prizes!

The top ten entries will be shortlisted by the panel of judges and the public will then vote to determine the winner!

The grand prize winner will not only be able to have that amazing trip with 3 of his/her friends to Brazil but will also take home a complete travel must-haves from David & Goliath, Aloha Board Shorts, Havaianas and Sony!

The 2nd to 10th placer will also get prizes from Havaianas and a brand new Sony Cybershot camera!

Not bad, huh?

Check out the Happy Soles will travel to Brazil Official Site for more details of the promotion.

Good luck!!! :)

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