Grocery Pick : Chocolatey Chuckie!

My mom asked me to pass by the supermarket to buy a can of floor wax... I came out with two big bags filled with chips, ingredients for a pasta dish and ....


How can I resist this chocolatey goodness in a handy tetra-pak? I chilled it the moment I got home and enjoyed it with Paul this afternoon.


How about you? Share your Top 5 grocery picks!

Nestle Chuckie is available in almost all of your favorite supermarkets and convenience stores.


  1. - Moby Caramel Puffs (and some more chips)
    - Gardenia wheat bread & ube-cheese loaf
    - Fibisco Chocolate Mallows/ Flat Tops
    - corned tuna (spicy please!!)
    - chocolates!!!

  2. 1. Oreo Doublestuff cookies
    2. V-cut
    3. Pringles sour cream n onion
    4. Nestle yogurt
    5. chocolates too!


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