Chocolate for a busy girl's soul :)

Once in a while, a girl just got to give in and listen to what her heart and stomach are saying...

We WANT Chocolates!!!

Thankfully, there's a new chocolate cafe in the neighborhood. The name is Chocolat and it specializes in a couple of really yummy, moist chocolate cakes that's perfect to fulfill your deep dark chocolate dreams.

Chocolat is a cozy looking shop located along A. Mabini street in San Juan, here you can hang out with your friends as you enjoy a slice of their cakes together with a steaming mug of their chocolate drink. What started as a small baking supplies store grew into an online cake shop and later into their very own store at the SM Mall of Asia! Talk about sweet success!

I love their Death by Tablea (Php. 345 /6 inch, Php. 620 / regular size) which is made using native cacao (they even have the tablea on sale) and condensed milk. It reminds me of how our grandmothers would create our favorite hot chocolate drink back when we were young -- using native ingredients and created with utmost TLC.

My mom on the other hand, loves the Classic chocolate cake (Php. 265 /6 inch, Php. 475 / regular size) simply because it has just the right amount of sweetness. She loves the spongy texture of the cake itself and how smooth and velvety the icing was.

Enjoy alert: Get 10% discount when paying in cash and 5% discount when paying in card!

Chocolat has four branches in SM Mall of Asia, Xaviervill Avenue, Sgt. Esguerra in Quezon City and Burgos corner Mabini street, San Juan. Call them at 7260330.


  1. The cakes look so yummy! Nagka-chocolate craving tuloy ako :)

  2. I was just actually asking my friend about this if it were any good. Now we definitely will try this after our run!

  3. i soooo LOVE chocolat!!

    my faves: Deep Dark Classic, Death by Tablea and Chocolate Carrot cake!!

    so addicted to their yummy cakes. wish they'll have a branch in The Fort soon!

  4. chocolatey heaven!!

    @u8mypinkcookies: i havent tried their chocolate carrot cake what's it like?

  5. @frannywanny: the choco carrot cake is really good... the carrot cake is moist and it's topped with bittersweet choco which mixes well with the cake! :D also has pineapple chunks.. they could have added nuts so it'll be oh-so-perfect.. but as is, it's super yummy. I like it since I'm more of a choco fan than cream cheese. :D


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