LIVE! Backstreet Boys : This Is Us World Tour

Finally the day has arrived! It's February 27, 2010 -- the day when I will finally see AJ, Nick, Howie and Brian in person! Yes, the Backstreet Boys are here in MANILA!

I really felt like a 13 year old again listening and singing along to their greatest hits. I can still remember the dance steps and I screamed like a high school girl upon seeing Nick Carter.

We arrived at the Araneta Coliseum just in time to settle down, buy ourselves a couple of snacks and drinks and survey the crowd.

Check out my opening video below:

Then the lights went out and everyone went wild. Out came our four favorite boys as they begin to dance and sing our favorite songs.

Presenting...Nick, AJ, Brian and Howie!!!

the best dance moves

*sigh* I love you Backstreet Boys

They sang a mix of their new and old songs. I love them all! I can't believe I have been a fan for 15 years already!

till your next concert...*sniffle*

Obviously happy after the fun concert

This was definitely the BEST concert that I've ever been to my entire life!

photo credit: Steph Haw


  1. woohooo!!! The BEST concert for me too! Nayanig ang Araneta kagabi! I can't believe singing their greatest hits with THEM! super fun talaga!!! :)

    nice meeting you franny! :) thanks to steph for the pic hehe! :)

    ps: buti pa kayo malinaw ang mga pics. yung sakin medyo blurred pano super sing and dance kami haha! :P

  2. i agree dyanie!! it was so nice to meet you!! :) grabe high na high parin ako!! :D


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