A Sweet Surprise by Toblerone

Look what greeted my tonight after spending the entire day taking care of my mom at the hospital?

The biggest Toblerone bar that I've ever seen!

I can't wait to share this with my grandparents, parents and of course Paul!

This is what Valentine's Day is all about, spreading the love to everyone!

Thanks so much Toblerone and GMCI! *hugs*

Valentine's Day 101

Speaking of love and celebrating Valentine's Day, Toblerone will help us enjoy the day with our loved ones minus the cost.

Check out the Toblerone Fanpage where you can interact with fellow fans and chocolate lovers! There's also a gift-giving application that will allow you to send virtual sweet treats to your friends and loved ones.

In the mood to play Cupid? Try this cool matchmaking application where you can mix and match buddies online to check their compatibility and romantic potential!

This somehow reminds me of my Casio Digital Diary back when I was in Grade School where we can play cupid to friends and their crushes by entering their birthdays and other details.

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