Lunch Out with Jollibee's 39ers

Yesterday was a colleague's first month at work and on our way to the WORLDBEX, I decided to treat her and another colleague out for lunch at Jollibee!

This was because I received an envelope filled with GCs! Woweee! :)

It was another meatless Friday for yours truly so I chose one of the two seafood option on the menu board -- 2 pc. Bangus Fillet with Rice (Php. 109). To be honest, I still prefer the Jolly Spaghetti or the Palabok with Chicken Joy any day but this is pretty good with vinegar and ideally a cup of Garlic Rice.

My colleague K got the Mango Caramel Dessert (Php. 40) as it was really warm that day. It comes with a scoop of ice cream. Definitely a perfect way to cool down after staying outdoors for a couple of hours or even minutes!

B who was celebrating her first month at work enjoyed her 2 pc. Chicken Joy Meal (Php. 128). She was obviously enjoying every crispy bite of the chicken! Yum!

Lunch outs are always fun and this doesn't mean having to break the bank to eat out with your colleagues. I found out that Jollibee actually have a couple of delicious lunch options like the 5 pc. Lumpia Shanghai Meal or the Beef with Mushroom for only P39!!! It's really really affordable and filling too!

With reasonably-priced meals like that, lunch outs can be done not only every Fridays but every single day of the week!

Jollibee has more than 600 stores nationwide and abroad!

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