Discovering The Frazzled Cook

Foodie Manila is one food blog that I truly enjoy visiting. With Carlos' beautiful photography and very descriptive entries, I always end up hungry and craving for whatever is being featured in this blog. From Stevie's Hainanese Chicken Rice to the burger over at Malcolm's at whatever given time of the day, it doesn't fail to get me hungry with every click.

lookie! it's Hello Kitty!

I was fortunate to be invited to guest blog at Foodie Manila to cover The Frazzled Cook (TFC). I truly enjoyed the dinner with non-stop chit chats, endless laughter and of course great food!

Sharing with you my TFC experience as published over at Foodie Manila.

Enjoy reading! :)

P.s. Do you want to be able to try The Frazzled Cook too? Click here to join Boy Kuripot's contest and who knows you might be able to win a P1000 GC!!!

*photo credit: Paul Ang

The Frazzled Cook is located at #916 Luna Mencias Street Barangay Additional Hills, Mandaluyong City


  1. nakakagutom naman! ang sarap!

  2. it's really good lalo na yung paella and tenderloin nuggetS!

  3. This resto have very mixed reviews from friends, like half of them don't recommend it. But I got to eat here last month and it was just okay for me. I go agree their paella is good, their hamachi is way too expensive though.

  4. I'll definitely try their paella negra and another pancake ala mode! he he ako rin

    Thanks Franny!


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