Take a Wild Bite at Green Tea

I am a fan of tea. Any tea flavor for the matter but after having my first taste of Genmaicha Green Tea a couple of years ago, I always catch myself favoring green tea before any other flavor. I love the taste of toasted rice that never fails to give that calming effect after a cup of green tea.

The tea craze is really on as more and more entrepreneurs are getting into the business of creating unique tea blends and tea-flavored desserts too.

Having had the privilege of tasting a wide-array of desserts from the well-loved chocolate cakes to the fruity flavored ones, I was very excited when a pack of Green Tea desserts were sent to me by Chris Chan, the man behind Wild Bites.

My family loves tea-flavored food items too and we were all so excited to try Chris' Wild Bites.

After lunch last Sunday, we tried each Green Tea dessert and named our favorite. Mine was the Green Tea clusters (Php. 75 for 10 clusters), very similar to Baguio's choco flakes only this is covered with white chocolate and green tea. I love white chocolate and mixing it with green tea creates a unique combination that will make you dig in for more.

My parents liked the Green Tea crisp and the cookies. The Green Tea Crisp (Php. 100/dozen) tastes very much like the Danish cookies. Buttery and sweet, we can taste the very subtle hint of green tea which luckily did not leave any bitter aftertaste.

The cookies, on the other hand, is definitely not your ordinary chocolate chip cookie. For one thing, it makes use of milky white chocolate chips and accented with the taste of green tea. I love it that it's not too soft nor was it too hard to bite on. It has the sweet buttery flavor that kids will definitely love.

Lastly, my sister, the choco monster, liked the Green Tea Chocolates (Php. 120). At first, she was wary to take a bite after a bad experience with another green tea chocolate bar but after constant prodding she gave in and nodded her head as her sign of approval. She liked it because the green tea does not mask the rich decadent chocolate flavor and yet gives a different twist to it. The way to enjoy it, she says, is to take one entire piece and to pop the entire thing into your mouth and wait for the chocolate to slowly melt. She also loves the packaging which we all agree makes it ready for gift-giving.

Calming. Soothing. Relaxing.

These three words comes to mind when I hear the word Green Tea. Well, it's about time to add one more -- Indulging. Looking forward to more green tea treats in the near future!

You may contact Wild Bites at 0917-3276559. They can deliver depending on location and quantity. However, they are more than willing to meet up at the following areas: Pasig, Fort, San Juan, Mandaluyong, Makati and Libis.

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