it's OHrange-y Good at Chowking!

OH, the things I do as a blogger...

... underwent a rigorous, muscle-aching workout but a totally good one for the mind and body

... conquered my fear and ran like I've never ran before inside the country's biggest theme park

and just recently,

... did the chicken dance with Jericho Rosales.

I just can't help it! There was just too much energy and fun going around last night during the 25th anniversary party of Chowking where they also launch their newest dish -- the Orange Chicken!

A month ago, my friend Kat who works for Chowking was telling us about this exciting new offering. She told us how yummy it was and while I was trying my best to visualize how it would taste, I realized that all I have to do is to visit the nearest Chowking branch to taste it myself. It will, after all, be my first time to try Orange Chicken!

I love the mix of citrus-y flavors with meat, I couldn't stop myself from ordering the crispy lemon chicken and the sweet and sour pork to name a few when dining at a Chinese restaurant.

It was the most interactive, high-energy launch party that I've ever attended so far, it began with a mob Chicken dance to the tune of Tick Tock.

Then we were ushered to the 2nd floor to meet, no other than, Chowking's newest endorser -- Jericho Rosales! The evening was filled with a lot of dancing while exciting orange prizes were given away (I won an orange Swatch watch!).

Of course, we were able to try the Orange Chicken however, it all these going on, Paul and I decided to try it once again during lunch today. Before heading to a mandatory seminar in order to get our marriage license, we stopped over at Chowking N. Domingo for lunch. The both of us got the Orange Chicken Lauriat (Php. 99).

I love Chowking's Chicharap and I'm glad that this was part of the Lauriat meal together with the Crispy Noodles, Buchi, Plain Rice and of course the Orange Chicken!

Since we were more relaxed today, I was able to fully appreciate the sweet and spicy flavor of the chicken. I liked how crisp the chicken fillet was that I was hoping they should have added more in. With the warm soft rice and the crispy noodles, it was surely a filling lunch perfect to prep us for our 4-hour long seminar.

Perhaps on our next visit, we will get the Orange Chicken ala carte and a bowl of my favorite Chowking Chow Fan!

* Thanks to Chowking for Jericho's photos

Chowking has 400 stores nationwide. For deliveries, call them at 9-8888!

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