For the second time around...

This is normally the case when I try something new and it wasn't really love at first taste. I even remember feeling a bit queasy about trying my first cup of Golden Spoon strawberry yogurt and vowed never to go back again...

...Guess I was wrong...

Golden Spoon deserves a second try and I'm glad I went back.

We wanted to continue our girl bonding session tonight and after a light yet delicious meal at Cibo, we walked over to Golden Spoon which is actually being operated by the same company where we all met and became such great friends.

Taking the advice of a friend who loves Golden Spoon, I got the Cake Batter flavor (Php. 115/small cup) and added in two toppings: crushed graham crackers and mochi (Php. 30/topping).

First bite, I liked the sweet vanilla flavor that has a buttery addition just like a rich cake batter that kids love to lick off from their mom's spatula. I was happy with my choice of toppings and I felt that getting a small cup was just right for me. No queasy feeling this time.

I'm glad I gave Golden Spoon a second chance and now joins their growing number of fans who will troop all the way to Shangri-la Mall in order to enjoy a cup of their delicious yogurt! Truly, this is every ice cream lover's yogurt. :)

Golden Spoon is located at the Ground Floor of the Shangri-la Mall (right beside Starbucks Coffee).

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