Inspired by Julie & Julia

I woke up earlier than usual today to watch an entire movie on DVD.

Now, for people who are close to me, they all know that this definitely qualifies as a rare occasion.

First of all, I make it a point to make up for lost sleep during the weekend (not unless we have an errand to make that would require me to wake up early to get a good head start to a busy schedule).

Secondly, I can hardly sit through an entire movie without falling asleep or having my mind wander off to never never land...what more having the power of just clicking the pause/stop button while watching it on DVD.

With that, I must say, this particular movie that made me do the impossible must really be a special one...

It was during a conversation with colleagues when we began talking about the movie Julie & Julia. My sister bought the book and told me to read it as, according to her, I would definitely be able to relate with the lead character named Julie.

After going through the first few chapters of the book, I found out that just like me, Julie was also diagnosed with PCOS and she sure was fond of cooking. However, she loves Julia Child while I simply look up to my mom and grandfather whom I can proudly say can cook very very well!

It was amazing watching Julie try every single recipe found in Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking. My mouth waters as she prepares Beef Bourguignon to which her husband Eric obviously savored and enjoyed.

As a blogger, Julie poured out her thoughts and feelings by sharing her daily experience while going through all 500+ recipes in the book. I laughed when Julie wondered if someone out there was really reading her book. I felt the same way back when I just opened this blog. Thus, a big shout out for all of you who made your presence felt. *hugs*

I love Julia's orange pots! :)

Amy Adams did a good job portraying Julie Powell and of course, Meryl Streep was really awesome as Julia Child. Both ladies really made French cooking look so easy! I'm also a huge fan of Stanley Tucci who played Julia's husband, Paul. I loved him since The Terminal, Shall We Dance and of course, in Devil Wears Prada. He was great once again in this movie.

After watching the movie, I just wanted to do these two things:

1) to Google and to read Julie Powell's original Julie/Julia Project blog
2) to COOK :)

* photo credit: Julie & Julia's Facebook Page

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