Munching our way to Burger Avenue

Deciding on where to have dinner one evening, I simply asked Paul, "What do you feel like having tonight -- Burger or Pizza?" He immediately said, "I think I'm craving for burger."

So burger it was!

Actually we both have been craving for burger a week ago but after a failed attempt to order burgers over at a neighborhood burger stop, we are determined to satisfy our craving that evening.

Since we were already in Makati for some errands before dinner, I suggested that we pass by A. Venue Mall to check out Burger Avenue. This was highly recommended to us by our friends R and L.

Find a parking spot at A.Venue was a breeze! Probably because we were there on a weeknight but with an underground and outside parking, it's highly unlikely that you would have to spend a lot of time looking for an empty parking slot.

Welcome to Burger Avenue

Burger Avenue is located at the far end of the mall. Don't worry, the mall is not that big and it wouldn't be a challenge to locate the restaurant. Entering Burger Avenue, we settled down on one of their comfy couches and began to go through their menu.

I've been a regular delivery customer of Burger Avenue back when I was still working in Makati. My favorites include the Garlic Cream Cheese Burger, the Jr. Avenue Cheese Burger and their Wasabi Burger.

For this visit, I chose the Garlic Cream Cheese Burger (Php. 145) and some Onion Rings (Php. 50) too.

Paul wants his burger beefy yet simple and so he got the Avenue Burger (Php. 115) and a bag of French Fries (Php. 50) to go with it.

While waiting for our burger patties to be grilled and ready, we prepared our condiments. Paul and I love adding condiments to our food. He's a big fan of ketchup while I love honey mustard, bbq sauce and other interesting add-ons. Since we're at Burger Avenue, I couldn't pass up the chance to get some Wasabi Mayo (Php. 30).

Here's our Burger Avenue stoplight... a little creativity brought to you by P & F :)

Finally, our burgers have arrived and we were so ready to eat! My burger was oozing with delicious creamy garlic sauce to which I enjoyed dipping the fries and onion rings into. The burger patty was grilled to perfection. No burnt sides, no raw portions either. It's tender and flavorful, just the way I want my burger to be.

Paul seems to have enjoyed his Avenue Burger that I was just half-way through mine and he has already inhaled his. He told me it's just as good as one of the burger store that we frequent but the price is more reasonable. Wow! Thumbs up for Burger Avenue!

We also enjoyed our fries and onion rings. They are very crunchy and the fries had no soggy pieces too. The onion rings are best enjoyed with your hands. I tried picking it up using my fork and one poor onion ring went flying off to the ground. Drat. Both fries and onion rings goes really well with any Burger Avenue sandwich.

We enjoyed our burger dinner and wished that they would open more branches particularly somewhere within the Ortigas Center. Paul is also planning to join their Ridiculous Burger Challenge where he needs to finish this humongous 3-patty burger in less than 5 minutes. Woah!

For now, be sure to check out Burger Avenue has two branches located at the Ground Floor of the A. Venue Mall along Makati Avenue and at the Fort Strip in Taguig City.

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