Snack time at Tasty Dumplings

I had a first last Saturday!

It was actually my first time to go and shop at Divisoria particularly at Tutuban Mall!

Divisoria is the shopping mecca for all bargain hunters. Here, your budget can definitely go a long way. Since we had to shop for wedding items and accessories, it was then a wise decision to troop to Divisoria to scout around for these things.

However, Divisoria is not really a place that boasts of having peace and security around. I even had to take note of all the tips that I got from friends and fellow bloggers... wear light clothing, avoid wearing flashy jewelries, do not follow those who might lead you to dark alleys, go early, etc.

I went with Paul, my mom and my sister, it's a good thing my mom frequents Divisoria and knows exactly where to go. We spent a good 4 hours going around, shopping and making the best choices possible.

Finally, as we carry our big heavy plastic bags back to the car, we decided to take a short trip to Binondo for our afternoon snack.

Munching on Dumplings

Since it was very humid that day, we were all looking for something light and yummy. I also wanted a cool drink to quench my thirst. We all decided to head to Tasty Dumplings our go-to place for delicious dumplings and noodles!

Our family loves Tasty Dumplings and we were so sad when they close their branch along Wilson street here in San Juan. Oh how we love their Porkchop Bihon or Rice, their Hongma with Silver Roll Bread and a lot more!

Our choice that day was a plate of Pork and Veggie Siopao that tastes very much like our favorite Fried Siopao. It comes with garlic sauce but personally, the Siopao tastes good even without.

A trip to Tasty Dumplings will not be complete without ordering a plate of steaming dumplings. We love ordering their Kutchay Dumplings as is a combination of kutchay vegetables and minced pork inside the delicious rice wrapper. I love the crunchy bite that I get from the kutchay leaves.

Another must-try is their Dalandan Juice this is definitely one great way to cool down as the temparature rises outside. My sister, on the other hand, loves their Wintermelon Juice while Paul is a true blue Soy Milk fan. Whatever your choice is, Tasty Dumplings sure has a lot of cold beverages to choose from.

It was a delicious afternoon snack but our exhaustion was slowly kicking in as we were all yawning by the time our meal ended. Guess it's time to head home.

Tasty Dumplings has three branches: Banawe street in Quezon City, Binondo and in Masangkay street in Manila. Contact them at 242-5195 (Binondo)

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