[CONTEST ALERT!!!] Crumpler : Guess what's in the Bag?

Lately, I've been feeling quite restless. Despite trying my best to relax every weekend, I feel that there's something missing...

Today I woke up and realized that it has been 5 whole months since we've last traveled and that's when I got my answer. I miss traveling and that's what's missing in my life right now. Paul and I have been so busy that we haven't been out of Metro Manila since April for our Taiwan trip. For someone who used to travel at least once a month before, five months of no traveling activity is truly hazardous to my health.


Well, we're taking it step by step. First, we've booked a couple of short trips scheduled in the next few months. Next, here I am again reading up on our next target destinations, soon will be working on our itineraries. Lastly, we were gifted with this amazing bag that we will surely be bringing with us on our next trip.

It's a pretty Crumpler Spring Peeper with Wheels (Php. 9,850)! The perfect answer to our never-ending luggage problem!

I admit I am not a light packer. Much to Paul's frustrations, I have the tendency to bring the entire closet with me when I pack. Be it for a 3 day weekend or a 2 weeks vacation, I manage to max out the weight limit of our luggages and I'm sure glad I get to check in with Paul as I can take advantage of his luggage weight too. :P

What I need is a good hand carry where I can store my jacket, magazine/s and at times, a laptop which I bring with me inside the plane. I hate lugging around heavy and bulky eco bags that makes my back and shoulder hurt after a few hours of carrying it around.

What we love about the Crumpler Spring Peeper bag is how lightweight it is. Since it's built-in with wheels, it will be easy for us to just pull the bag around while we wait for our plane to arrive or even while shopping around in Hong Kong where we can conveniently put our shopping bags inside. I also love luggages with lots of pockets and this one has zippered pockets inside and outside the bag. It even has one rubberized pocket where we can dump all our wet items should we be using this on a swimming trip.

Safety is a big factor for us and the Spring Peeper has a provision to put a padlock between two zippers to discourage nasty thieves from opening our bag. The luggage is water-resistant and is made of the best materials to avoid wheels to jam and to allow the bag to stand vertically without support.


Lastly, this is perfect for all OC travelers like me. While the bag looks like a duffel bag from the outside, it works like a luggage inside complete with straps to keep your items tidy and neat despite being passed on from cargo to cargo during transit. No jumbled mess here!

Now, can you feel my excitement for our next trip? I surely can't wait to take this cool Spring Peeper luggage on a test drive!! :)

crumpler bag

Paul and I love shopping at the Crumpler store in Bonifacio High Street. Of course he always heads straight towards the racks of camera bags where they have a size for practically all cameras in the market. While I fancy the small, handy sling bags, Paul loves the big heavy ones that can store all of his gears.

Crumpler has a wide-array of bags, let me show you a few of the things that you can see in this store:

crumpler bag

As you enter, you'll see a big area to your left filled with bags for your laptop needs. From sleeves, to actual bags...

crumpler bag

...even to envelope-looking sleeves that can store your laptop in a very sleek way.

crumpler bag

They also have some backpacks that's perfect for school, gym or traveling. 
Paul loves using a backpack whenever we go out of the country because the weight gets easily distributed despite how heavy the bag gets and he doesn't feel any back or shoulder ache like I do when I use a fully-loaded shoulder bag.

crumpler bag

Then there's their attractive collection of Crumpler luggages from duffel bags, to luggages with wheels and huge tall bags perfect for hikers.

Crumpler originated in Australia and is widely distributed here in the Philippines. I love looking at the wide color options of their bags that exudes a happy, youthful vibe.

Contest Time!!

I'm sure you'd love to have your very own Crumpler too! Well, you're in luck as I'm giving away ONE Crumpler bag to a lucky reader!!

All you have to do is to....

crumpler bag

Guess what's inside the bag!!! 

I know Crumpler has a lot of bags available so I'll make it slightly easier for you. It could be any of the following:
a) Pinnacle of Horror laptop bag
b) 6 Million Dollar Home camera bag
c) Private Zoo backpack
d) Skivvy laptop messenger bag

How to join:
1) Make a wild guess -- choose from any of the choices above
2) Send in your answer -- leave a message at my comment box and include your name and email address (no name/email address automatically disqualifies your entry)
3) One entry PER email address only. No duplicate entries please.
4) All those who gave the correct answer will automatically be included in the raffle. 
5) This contest will run from: August 20, 2011 - August 30, 2011 11:59PM.
6) Due to limited courier service, this contest is open to all readers residing in the Philippines only.
7) I will be posting various hints all throughout the contest period on the Official Frannywanny.com Facebook Page so please like my page. 
8) The winner will be contacted via email and the bag will be sent via courier. 

There you go! Good luck dear readers!!! :)

Click here to visit the official website of Crumpler

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