Specially dedicated to my readers....

Dear readers,

Nothing makes my day brighter than meeting you. Everyday, I still get thrilled over receiving an email notification that a comment has been left on my blog and yes, after four whole years, I still try my best to reply to all of them.

readers knorr2
Bumped into blog readers Jemai and Monica during the Yummy cooking demo.
You guys make my day. The times when I would get to meet readers who would tell me how my travel entries have helped them with their own itineraries. Really, nothing makes me feel more fulfilled as a blogger than knowing that I was able to help..in my own little way, I hope I have contributed in making your trips more fun and satisfying (for your eyes and tummy at least).

readers knorr
Knorr endorsers Annie and Frannywanny and Yummy lover Bajeng
Just recently, I met up with 4 college students who have been readers of my blog that they actually somehow have memorized a couple of restaurant reviews posted here. To say it's flattering is an understatement.

readers thesis
Paul and I with the amazing thesis team
Continue to make my days brighter, dear readers. Don't be afraid to come up and say hi. I promise that I won't bite (even if I'm hungry hehe).

Love, Frannywanny


  1. I'm glad that I have met you personally! I really cant forget our BSB moment! Naiisip ko pa din yung approach thingy natin sa Araneta haha

  2. hi there,

    i saw you in one of the nuffnang movie screenings... just so happen na na-shy ako i-approach ka kc.. anong sasabihin ko? hehe! :)

    i'm new at blogging and when i came across your blog few weeks (or months?)ago, i'd say i'm hooked! you're one of my favorite bloggers.. :)

    it's so nice of you to post something like this... pinapakita mo lang na you value your readers (like me) that much.. keep up the good work and more food trips to come! :)

    donna of www.honeys-haven.blogspot.com

  3. @dyanie: i knowww will never forget our first face to face meet up at the BSB concert!! :)

    @donna: awww thank you so much!!! next time don't be shy :) i dont bite promise ;)

  4. how i wish i could meet you soon.. i started reading your blog from the most recent.. you're my idol..


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