Hyphy's at the Veranda of Robinsons Galleria

I love having afternoon merienda (snack) with my sister. This is because, being a food lover like myself, a simple pack of saltine crackers is definitely not enough for her to qualify this as an afternoon snack. For us, our merienda may be in the form of a plate of fresh sashimi or sushi, a bowl of Tortilla chips complete with a wide-array of dips and a lot more. This habit we got while growing up with my Kongkong who would go the extra mile to cook a bowl of bihon soup or take us all out for a dimsum feast for merienda.

One afternoon, we found ourselves strolling around Robinsons Galleria after one of my cooking demos (note: I organize cooking demos and am not the chef of the demo :P). Since I was feeling a bit stressed out and tired from standing for hours and managing the crowd, she suggested that we grab something to eat. I just love my sister for giving amazing suggestions!

Off we went to the new Veranda section of the mall. We've tried almost all of the restaurants in the strip except for Hyphy's and La Creperie. We agreed to try Hyphy's first.

Hyphy's is the brainchild of Chef Bruce Lim, who also owns Chef's Table. The line-up in Hyphy's presents a mix of San Francisco-Pinoy dishes that Chef Bruce grew up to.

hyphy galleria chef bruce lim

My sister has forever been craving for fries thus she zeroed in on the Garlic Fries (Php. 120). The serving was pretty ok but I was initially expecting each potato strip to be fully coated with garlic bits and fried to perfection. What we got were pale-looking fries which were pretty crunchy but if you miss out on the chopped herb garlic sprinkled on top, then you'll find yourself munching on plain salted fries.

hyphy galleria chef bruce lim

A few weeks prior to our visit, I was chatting with friends Richard and Irene who told me that Hyphy's Calamansi Tuyo Pasta (Php. 130) was pretty good. I made a mental note to try that and I'm glad my sister was game to have pasta too. The noodles were pretty al dente and I love how fragrant the tuyo has made the entire dish to be. Well, I guess this depends whether or not you like the smell of tuyo (salted fish). There's a piece of calamansi (lime) at the side allowing you to control the amount of calamansi juice that you'd like to add into your pasta dish. Will definitely bring Paul to try this next time.

hyphy galleria chef bruce lim

Our final dish was the Borough Quesadilla (Php. 178) nothing spectacular about this. In fact, I think I've tasted better quesadillas elsewhere. The serving was pretty generous with 8 huge slices and its oozing with melted cheese. I just find the filling a bit too scarce as I felt like biting into two pieces of tortilla wrapper smack into one. I think I'll try something else next time.

While the food didn't really blew me away, I enjoyed every minute bonding with my sister. Even if we live under one roof, our busy schedules hinder us from talking and keep one another updated with our lives. I'm glad to have moments like this where we can just relax and hang out just like before. ♥

Hyphy's is located at the Veranda section, Robinsons Galleria in Quezon City.

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