Retox : Ice Cream with an Attitude

I remember saying once before that I'm getting drunk with dessert. What I really meant then was I was experiencing sheer dessert overload leaving me in such a happy, drunken state.

Italian Job retox

That was before I was introduced to Retox Ice Cream which is definitely NOT your regular wholesome ice cream. For one thing, this is off-limits for the kids (sorry kiddos!) as it's mixed with various liquors that complements the ice cream flavor. This is perfect for people like me who simply do not appreciate the taste of beer, wine or any other alcoholic drink at all as the ice cream somehow covers the bitter taste of the alcohol.


I got to try all 6 flavors of Retox and each have varying alcoholic content. To guide you further, their menu has martini glass labels to show the alcohol strength. For instance, the one flavor that will surely get you tipsy could probably be the Whiskey Hangover while the The Ex-Lover is just right for alcoholic newbies like me.

They have a mix of sorbets and ice cream to match your fancy. My personal favorite was the Ex-Lover (Php. 500). Dark chocolate ice cream mixed with triple sec orange liqueur. I love the smooth flavor and how the liqueur matches the bitter dark chocolate flavor.

Strawberry Lolita retox

I find the Strawberry Lolita a bit too strong for my low alcohol threshold as I felt my cheeks warming up after a few scoops. I can also feel the bitter after taste brought by the Tequila Rose liqueur after the sweet strawberry flavor disappears.

Retox Ice Cream is perfect for parties and evening bonding with friends! :) Contact them at Call them at 212-1212 for delivery.

Just a friendly cautionary warning: Even how irresistibly delicious a scoop of Retox Ice Cream is, do take this in moderation as three scoops is equivalent to a bottle of beer! 

*photo credit: Retox Ice Cream

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