Nav Modern Thai Cuisine in Kapitolyo, Pasig

Last week was definitely the busiest week for us publishers. It was the time for our annual strategic planning presentation and it is when we were required to present our ideas for 2012. Before this, we spent nights in the office working on our presentation, days thinking of ideas and hours before the presentation praying that everything will turn out okay. Thus, a celebration was truly in order.

As much as I wanted to scream and do cartwheels for surviving the presentation, I felt a tiny ache in my heart as it was also the day when I will finally say goodbye to that one person who has stood by me for the past 3 years, he was the one who taught me everything that I needed to know in order to do a better job ...he was my boss and last Friday was his last day. 

We decided to throw him a simple farewell lunch at Nav, a newly-opened Thai restaurant near our office. Passing by the restaurant, I noticed that the place was quite small thus I was surprised that when I called to make a reservation for 10, the server told me not to worry as they can fit us comfortably in.

The menu was pretty extensive as they have a number of offerings from appetizer, salads, main entrees to dessert. We were told that the serving is good for 2-3 thus T and I made sure to order enough for all 10 of us.

nav thai pasig

First off was the Crab Cakes (Php 230). Deep-fried crab patties served with sweet chili sauce. To be honest, I wasn't too impressed with this as I felt a little fishy taste on my first bite.

nav thai pasig

It was a good thing we also ordered the Shrimp Rolls (Php. 250) which was way better than the crab cakes. I love the inclusion of vermicelli noodles inside and that each piece was packed with shrimp, spring onions and noodles. Delicious!

nav thai pasig

Upon reading my friend Patty's blog about how much she enjoyed the Son-in-law Eggs (Php. 180), I made it a point to order this for the group as well. My colleague T however advised us to have this with the curry which we all obliged. I love eggs and T was right, it tastes better when eaten with curry. I love the tamarind syrup that was served with it. It's definitely a must-try starter despite the funny sounding name.

We ordered two types of salad. First was the Crispy Catfish Salad (Php. 245) which they only had one order left that day. It was pretty good but I'd say I've tasted better catfish salads elsewhere. I only had a small serving thus I wasn't able to enjoy the full flavor of this salad.

nav thai pasig

What I loved the most though was the Nav's Pomelo Salad (Php. 300). I guess by adding the restaurant's name to the salad shows that the chef is pretty proud about this dish. I think he has all the right to really be proud of this salad as I loved the warm juicy pomelo pieces with chopped chicken meat and nuts. It was truly refreshing and light that I ended up finishing the salad served on our end of the table and later on also took care of the leftover pomelo salad from the other table too. :) Yum!

Around this time, we were starting to feel full as the serving was definitely not for 2-3 persons but can be good for 4-5. How I wish the servers would be more honest next time.

nav thai pasig

Moving on to our main entrees, we had the Pad Thai (Php. 280) wherein we got 3 orders of what we thought would be just enough for our party of 10. We were surprised that the serving was HUGE! Really, were they referring to 3-4 giants to consume the pad thai? Our table of 10 barely consumed 2 plates thus we had a lot of Pad Thai leftovers that we had to take home. Good thing though, the noodles was pretty good. I love how it had the right bite and it was very flavorful too.

nav thai pasig

Aside from the Pad Thai, we also tried the Nav Bagoong Rice (Php. 225) which I enjoyed as well. I love how fragrant the rice was and the fact that they have added a generous serving of green mangoes and meat. Similar to the Pad Thai, the serving is big for the rice as well. It was a good thing that we just had two orders of the rice which was happily consumed by all.

nav thai pasig

For our meats, we ordered the Crispy Tilapia (seasonal price) which was very good. They chopped up the fillet into cubes making it easy for us to take a piece. The fish meat was very tender and while it was deep-fried, I still enjoyed how each cube was coated with the the chili tamarind sauce.

nav thai pasig

We also got two types of curry! I love Green Chicken Curry (Php. 240) and I was pretty please with the one that I tried in Nav. It has a sweet spicy taste that didn't immediately fired up my taste buds but just sent a quick tingle which also went perfectly well with the Nav Bagoong Rice.

We also had the Penang Beef Brisket Curry (Php. 420) which my colleagues said was way spicier than the chicken curry. I was too scared to try this out so I skip this one.

nav thai pasig

It was a fun gastronomic lunch as we swapped stories while enjoying our meal. I love hanging out with my colleagues and nothing beats having Friday lunch outs with them. To end our meal, Nav sent us a complimentary Pandan Crepe for dessert. I was very full that I just took a small piece. I immediately tasted the strong pandan flavor and the smooth texture of the crepe. Not bad at all.

Over-all, I truly enjoyed my lunch at Nav. Note though that the serving is big unlike what the server would probably tell you that it's just good for 2-3 persons. I love that they have controlled the spicy level of the meal making it very comfortable for us non-spicy diners. One thing that I noticed though is the bad exhaust of the restaurant. We all came back to the office smelling like food. I would then recommend that you go to Nav for dinner so you can go straight home after.

I highly recommend that you try Nav should you find yourself craving for Thai food. I'm looking forward to going back with Paul to try more of their dishes.

Nav is located at 16-C United Street, Kapitolyo in Pasig City (beside Uncle Moe's Shawarma Hub and Slice and Dice). Call them at 655-8395.

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