[WARNING] On stealing photos and so much more

Today, Paul was supposed to make his very first blog debut here at Frannywanny.com. He was supposed to share with you his experience when he joined a couple of bloggers to visit the Gardenia plant. He has been extremely excited about it that he would bug me every night when will I finally publish his entry. I promised him that I'll have it up today. However, I have to break my promise due to some unfortunate incident that I stumbled upon this morning.

For some reason, I woke this morning thinking about the photos that I've posted here in my blog. I've been blogging for almost 4 years and have published a little more than 800 entries already. In every entry, I have an average of 4 photos. Majority were beautifully taken by Paul, some were shot by yours truly. Still I can say that we exert a lot of time and effort to create really good photos to match my story. At times, I have to borrow photos from brands or other websites and I can proudly say that all those have been credited for.

At a very young age, I was taught the importance of owning your work. Plagiarism and stealing is a very grave offense in my school and once violated, expect to face heavy consequences.

Let me go back to my thoughts this morning, I suddenly wondered if there's a way for us, bloggers, to check if someone else is using our photos without our permission. You may have noticed that my photos do not have watermarks on them and I know I am running a big risk of having my photos lifted by some nasty "blogger" that's why the thought bothered me even more. I really don't know what pushed me to log on to google and started to randomly search the net for possible photo-stealing activity going on. Thanks also to fellow blogger Aileen De Jesus for giving me the link to this amazing Google search engine that will allow us to easily track if our photos have been re-used without our permission.

So photo thieves out there...be afraid..be VERY VERY afraid.

stolen 01

Lo and behold, I came upon this blog: http://iteateverywhere.blogspot.com/2011/07/its-not-yucky-its-yakimix.html

At first glance, I know that the first few photos were definitely his/hers. Then I came to the last three photos where I felt my heart stopped. The quality of the photo suddenly shifted from grainy to clear and that photo with the chandelier and buffet table looked uncomfortably familiar to me.

I quickly referred back to my own YakiMIX entry: http://www.frannywanny.com/2011/07/yakimix-eat-all-you-can-at-podium-mall.html and truly enough, he/she have copied three of my photos.

Here's a clearer comparison:


Original photos in my blog vs. the photo thief


I was busy getting upset over the photos when another fellow blogger also pointed out that the author seems to have also copied my entry. I really do not want to create a list of the similarities of our entries but seriously, the thief also used the term "happy camper" in the same entry? How coincidental.

I've left a message on her comment board and I hope he/she'd be ashamed enough to remove ALL of MY photos from the blog.

Really, no dignified blogger would ever be guilty of lifting/stealing someone else's photos and content. Come on...have some self-respect please.

Dear readers, I ask you to help us fight against acts of photo/content stealing like this. Feel free to let us know when you happen to come across another blog that gives you that "hey-i've-read/seen-that-before" feeling. Be it a copied photo or content we would gladly appreciate the heads up.

That photo thief surely ruined my morning... I will definitely devote a lot of my time this weekend to watermark my photos from now on. Beware!

Recent update: The blogger who got 3 of my photos have removed it from her site. While the content still sounds the same, I'm glad the photos are gone. Thank you for your support! ♥ (08/12/2011)

Case closed: The blogger has closed her previous blog (iteateverywhere) and has transferred to a new URL. Still no word from her via email yet I hope she has learned the importance of using her OWN photos and content in the future so as not to victimized other bloggers.


  1. I've been a victim of that a couple of times.

    Coincidentally, someone also stolen my Yakimix pictures and even submitted them as a contest entry! Can you believe that?

  2. omg Roch!! ang kapal nun! how did u find out that the person submitted it as a contest entry? that happened to Nikki of Askmewhats too

  3. Oh no! What a irresponsible blogger she is! I love the blogging world but I hate people like her! I'm so glad you found out she stole your pictures though.

  4. @dinner at six thirty: i guess my guardian angel is beside me..out of the blue its like someone just pushed me to search

  5. posted comments on her blog.

    i support you!


  6. Oh my, what an irresponsible 'blogger'! I don't put watermark on my photos too. Now I am more conscious because of your post. Thanks so much! This is a reminder to all of us. :)

  7. Oh, my, that's really bad! Having someone steal your photos and content is a really scary thought! I also don't use watermarks in my pictures, so that means I could be a target, too! Hayz! Don't these stealers know they could be found out?

  8. Grabe naman yan, she should've credited the grabbed photos to you. Bigla ko naalala meron din akong Yakimix post at wala ding watermark mga photos ko dun. Minsan kasi, hindi na ako naglalagay ng watermark. But now I just realized dapat pala laging maglalagay, just to be sure. Sana macall yung attention nya so she could correct her acts.

  9. Fran, don't href link to the blog. You're only giving him / her pagerank.

    You may want to consider watermarking. Not that it detracts thieves much---I still get photos stolen but it lessens the chances.

  10. Guh---> admin = kao. Stupid blogger settings.

  11. @PJ: thank you so much!!

    @Maria Kristela and Tetcha: i know right...what an eye opener :(

    @edelweiza: im really hoping she wil really pull my photos down :(

    @kao: will remove the href link now thanks for the tip!

  12. Why even bother blogging when you can't come up with your own material? I don't understand people like this. Watermark na! What goes around comes around babalikan din yan.

  13. Hi Ms. Fran, may I know what Google tool you used to search for stolen photos? I'm not using watermarks as well because it's kinda tedious but because of this, I might as well do it.

  14. shucks naman pati picture nanakawin pa.. naku, ok lng sana kinopya pero wala na sanang ka hambugan na statement.. tapos may line din dapat na copied at "blah blah blah"..

    sana tlga mahiya sia.. naku.. tsk3

  15. oh my thanks for sharing this. i think i was more disturbed about her copying the text than the photos. the problem is this is the world wide web, where "content thieves" are harder to control. now that you mentioned it i guess i should warn my readers and fellow bloggers about this.

  16. Hi Fran,
    I've been a follower of your blog for quite some time now and I'm sad to hear this. May I ask how you found out as to help other bloggers to protect themselves as well?

    Sadly, if a person is skilled in photo-editing, even watermarking won't be good enough. But Kao is right, it will definitely lessen the chances. Make sure to put your watermark on an area of your picture that when cropped out, will render the photo unusable.

    Thanks for sharing this. :) I hope he/she un-publishes your photos.

  17. I hate these people who don't have enough sense to know that using someone else's work without proper credit and permission from the author is ok. So stupid, ther really should not even be on the blogosphere if they don't know the basic rule, which is not to plagiarize or copy!

    I have had my blog badge stolen too, imagine for how many months some other blogger was using my blog badge, which I paid for and asked to be made specifically for me. Pinalitan pa nya blog name nya para magamit nya lang badge ko! she used it on her FB page and blog, imagine?! Sheesh!

    I hope that whoever stole your content will have the decency to apologize and admit her mistake and not do this again to anyone..

  18. hi fellow bloggers!

    i simply made us of Google Images search (http://images.google.com/) where I can now drag my blog photos and the search engine will immediately list down the URLs where you can find it. Try dragging one of my stolen YakiMix photo and you'll see my blog URL and that of the thief :)

  19. Hi Fran,

    sad to hear about that, I don't even know if our pictures have been copied na...kaya watermark is the best. Eventhough kahit may watermark, they will still do it, but hopefully it lessens their deed.

  20. awww I feel for you right now, it happend to me too but the difference was, I didn't have and active blog before that's why everynow and then I also watermark my photos after editing them.

    though it's a lot of work, I feel more comfortable about the quality and definitely lesser chances of being use on their own purpose. I'm hoping your feeling well na about todays issue and hopefully wag na mang yari ulit

  21. Fran, the company (who holds the contest) sent me an email informing me that someone might be using my photos without my consent.

    Galing diba? They disqualified the person and also removed my pictures in their site.

  22. What a pity! Nakaka sad lang.. :(

  23. Hi, Fran, not sure if this will help, but have you seen the pep.ph website? When you try to copy content e.g. link, article, pictures (right click), it will say, content protected or something. Maybe that can be one solution, on top of putting watermarks to your pics? :)

  24. This is so bad! hope the guilty party would remove all your photos. It's so easy to ask permission...but I guess the blogger was also too selfish to credit where credit is due.

    Now I'm praying no one steals my photos...I will use that tip on Google images, thanks!

  25. A lot of people do this, so what I do is I use a watermark. I if need a photo from someone else, I try to at least, put the source or if possible. Sometimes, I ask through a message or email to the owner if I can use it in my blog.

  26. saw the entry by that other blogger, kapal talaga! she had the gall to copy not just the photos but your content as well, fran! how irksome. during a press con the other day, I was chatting with the Manila Bulletin press guy, and he shared a story of bad net-etiquette and press-etiquette by some bloggers (not all naman) and that poser and thief definitely gives the blogging world a bad name. Hope this issue gets resolved soon! all the best to you, fran!

  27. hi guys!!

    great news! the photo thief has removed all 3 photos from her blog! hooray!! thank you all for the kind words and support!! *hugs*

  28. that's good news! did she post an apology?

  29. @peejay: nope! no apology...emailed her but no reply

  30. yey! buti naman. She should also remove the text she put there, or credit you. better yet, lead the people to your blog. :)

  31. The blog has been taken down. I wonder why?

  32. Thanks for this post Frannywanny. This is a good example of people who blog should be more responsible about their content. I don't put any watermarks on my photos and I just trust that people who will "copy" either photos or text will just have enough delicadeza to link bank or acknowledge. But this post serves a good lesson not just to discourage copying but also for us to protect our own content.

  33. @rico: the blog has been transfered to a new URL lang

    @sunset goddess: you're welcome! yes i hope this entry helps other bloggers who works really hard on their content and photos be more careful as i dont want anyone to be a victim of photo grabbing like me :(


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