Milk Tea Love at TeaTap Cafe in P. Guevarra, San Juan

I truly appreciate restaurants and coffee shops that dedicates a sufficient amount of time and effort to details. For me details is just as important as making sure you get the word out there, it's just as crucial as ensuring that your products are of top quality. Details creates the best ambiance and by giving your customers a good feeling every time they step into your store will surely bring back bigger rewards.

Tonight, Paul and I went out on a date. Yes, after killing ourselves with months filled with busy weekends, we decided to just relax and go out tonight. Let me tell you more about our *ahem* romantic dinner date in the next few days. What I'm excited to share is where we ended up hanging out for our night cap before heading back home.

After dinner, I decided to text my two girl friends J1 and J2 to ask what were their Saturday night plans. J1 told me she's spending time with her family while J2 immediately called me and invited us to join her and boyfriend K for dinner. Since we were so full from our dinner date, we then agreed to just meet up for milk tea (yes, milk tea is the new coffee, kids) and J2 suggested that we go to TeaTap Cafe.

teatap san juan

I first heard about TeaTap from my colleagues but quickly brushed this info aside thinking that it is just another new player in the milk tea industry. After all, there's Serenitea leading the pack and ChaTime quickly closing the gap. Exactly how many players can there be? It's pretty convenient too that the two leading players are located really close to home making it easy to satisfy my milk tea craving at any time of the day.

TeaTap Cafe is located at the Ongpauco Sisters building taking the place of where Barrio Fiesta used to be. First thing we noticed was that they have more parking spaces compared to the two milk tea cafes. I love the fact that we didn't have to go out of busy Wilson street to get to TeaTap Cafe.

teatap san juan

I love the cozy looking design of the store. It has a "porch" where people can hang out should they prefer the outdoor sitting. Inside, they have cozy looking chairs and lighting perfect to just relax, surf the net or bond with friends. As we entered the cafe, I admired the cute white toy cat sitting beside the Welcome banner. What a cutie!

We headed straight to the counter before joining our friends at the table. I noticed that the prices were pretty competitive, being slightly cheaper than the milk tea leader. Taking the advice of my former boss, I ordered the Hokkaido Black Milk Tea with Grass Jelly and 50% sugar. Since they were on soft opening, diners all get 10% discount! Hooray!!

teatap san juan

While paying my bill, I noticed this interesting tip box that also has the same cute looking cat found at the entrance earlier. With pleading eyes like that, how can you NOT give some tip money?

Well, here's what makes tip giving even more fun! It's not as simple as just dropping the money or coin into the box, take a look at what happened when Paul place a coin on top of the box....

teatap san juan

The lid opens and out comes the cute little cat ready to receive your tip money! A-meow-zing!!! :)

I'm just loving the trinkets and decors, the color-coordinated interiors, the cozy chairs...everything! Every corner of this cafe is just so picture pretty!

teatap san juan

Of course, it's not enough that the cafe is aesthetically pleasing. The food or drink for this matter should definitely also please our taste buds. So here's the verdict -- I took a sip of my Hokkaido Black Milk Tea and I'm happy to report that it was delicious. Normally, I avoid taking caffeinated drinks after 6PM for fear of hyper acidity and insomnia but this one was pretty light that I didn't feel any acidic reaction after. I'm also glad that I chose the grass jelly to go with my drink.

We had a great time chatting and bonding with J and K. I guess we all got carried away with our chit-chat that we didn't noticed that the servers were already cleaning the restaurant and pulling the chairs up. It was time to go home!

teatap san juan

Cute cup covers! Collect them all! :P

I can't wait to go back and try the other drinks. J warned me though that there were some drinks that she didn't like, guess I'll just watch out for those. How I wish that they will provide free WiFi in the future to attract students and groups of friends to hang out at TeaTap more often. As for me, I'll definitely be back!

Thus if marketing gurus will continue to chant location, location and location as the top priority for budding entrepreneurs, I would like to join them by saying details, details and more details for a longer lasting recall and return.

Check out TeaTap Cafe at the ground floor of the Ongpauco Sisters Building, P. Guevarra corner Wilson Street, San Juan City. Click here to visit their Facebook page.

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