VISA Debit Card: Set yourself free….from CASH


Ok, after all that dining out and food shopping, let us talk about MONEY. Not wanting to sound like Scrooge McDuck otherwise known as Uncle Scrooge to Donald Duck’s nephews, but let’s face it. Money is important and it indeed makes the world go ‘round.

When I was younger, I thought money can easily be accessed from a wall where you just press a few digits and out comes cold hard cash. That was after watching my mom withdraw from the ATM. However, my parents did an amazing job at educating us about the value of money and it’s not as easy as pressing a few numbers to access money at any given time.

At age 8, I learned how to budget my money. It was during our first out of the country trip when my dad gave me a small allowance. I can buy anything I want provided I have to keep it within budget. As impulsive a shopper that I may want to be, I had to think twice, thrice, a million times before finally picking up that Forever Friends stuffed toy from the shelf and straight to the counter. It was a simple exercise but the practice of spending within my means and making sure I spend wisely has been stuck deep within me since then.

visa debit card

I first learned about debit cards a few years back when my sister and I started an online retail business when we were both still in college. My parents warned us against giving our personal bank details out to buyers who are required to deposit their payment prior to us shipping out their items. Thus, we were both given our own debit cards which works just like an ATM card and where we can deposit and withdraw money from. What I later found out was I can actually purchase items using my debit card very much like a credit card. Cool huh?

visa debit card

Visa also has its own debit card and I can tell you a dozen of wonderful things that it can do to your wallet! Aside from giving you more safety than carrying a lot of cash when out on a shopping trip,it is also the more practical way to shop. This is perfect if you are the type who would rather pay off your expenses right away.

visa debit card

Here are the other great things about using a Visa Debit Card:
• A debit card will help you spend within your means as it is directly linked to your bank account so you can only spend what you currently have.
• There are no monthly payments or debt incurred.
Visa Debit Cards are accepted worldwide more than 200 countries and territories as well as on the internet when you go online shopping
Visa Debit cards allow access to foreign currency from ATMs around the world that carry the Visa logo.
*source: Visa Debit Card

Just as much as money allows you to buy things that your heart desires, it can also give you the biggest headache of your life. Thus, always remember to stay alert and smart when using your Visa Debit Card. Here are some tips that you should keep in mind to have an easy breezy swiping experience:

• Never write down your PIN or pick a PIN that can easily be figured out (i.e. your birthday, telephone number, etc.)
• Keep sales receipts as reference
• Remember to account for any bank fees that may apply
• Review statements carefully. If a cardholder suspects a mistake, he must contact the bank that issued him the card as soon as possible
*source: Visa Debit Card

Visa debit card is truly a great choice whether you’re here or abroad. Now, what are you waiting for? Apply for your own card now coz I’m excited to head out to use mine! :)

Interested in getting a Visa Debit Card? Visit your nearest BDO, Chinatrust Commercial Bank, East West Bank, Equicom Savings Bank, Inc., HSBC, Standard Chartered Bank, Sterling Bank of Asia or UnionBank branch to apply for a Visa Debit card.

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