Cyma Greek Taverna at Shangri-la Plaza Mall

It has been a while since I've last visited Cyma, it has been 3 whole years in fact. Still, the memory of the delicious Roka Salata, the salty Lamb Chops and the to-die-for Skolatina still remains clear and vivid in my mind.

Remember, I mentioned that I had a heavy lunch prior to visiting Sweet Pea last week? This was because I joined my colleagues for lunch at Cyma Greek Taverna located at the nearby Shangri-la Plaza Mall and boy, we had a feast!

Our lunch started with an order of Saganaki otherwise known as Flaming Cheese. Normally, the entire crew will shout OPA! as this was being served to you but I guess everyone was busy attending to the customers that the dramatic entrance of the flaming cheese somehow disappeared. Still, we enjoyed the crunchy buttery garlic bread and the delicious melted cheese.

cyma greek taverna

My only request was an order of Roka Salata. I can't have enough of this mix of fresh arugula and lettuce with candied walnuts, sundried tomatoes and parmesan cheese tossed in light Greek vinaigrette. I love this particular salad and it was only then that I found out there's actually an option to add bleu cheese! Let me try that next time.

cyma greek taverna

I'm so glad that my colleagues share my love for lamb! Thus we had two lamb dishes that day. First was the Paidakia -- charcoal-grilled lamb ribs coated with black pepper and basil. I love how the oil oozes out at the bottom of the plate tempting me to take a small scoop to add to my garlic noodles for more flavor. I'm glad I was able to resist the tempation thus I'd like to give myself a pat on the back. :) The meat was tender making it a breeze to take it out from the bone.

cyma greek taverna

Aside from the Paidakia, we had the Cyma Lamb Chops (Shoulder Loin Chop). This is my mom's personal favorite and I remember having this every time we dine at Cyma before. What's there not to love as you get a plate filled with three chops grilled and marinated to perfection. It gives you a bigger cut as compared to the Paidakia too. We had this with some roasted Greek potatoes which I'm not really very fond of.

cyma greek taverna

Since I really didn't like the two sidings that came with our lamb dishes, I'm glad that T ordered the Garlic Noodles (not on the menu). It's a plate of al dente spaghetti noodles cooked with lots of garlic, cheese and topped with a slice of lemon. It reminds me of my favorite aglio olio pasta minus the spicy note. This goes perfectly well with meat.

cyma greek taverna

A visit to a Greek/Mediterranean restaurant is not complete without having Moussaka. This is their version of lasagna, I love the meaty sauce alternating with soft strips of Japanese eggplants and topped with Greek Bechamel sauce and cheese. A perfect comfort food that I always love to have when dining at Cyma.

cyma greek taverna

As you can see, we really had a feast! Still we made sure to save a little room for dessert. One of the best desserts that I've had was the Skolatina. Molten chocolate cake served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and swirls of caramel sauce. This is a perfect way to end your meal as you'll surely love the smooth chocolate filling together with the warm moist chocolate chiffon.

I'm glad to be able to dine at Cyma again. It was a fun, relaxing meal just in time to end a work week.

Cyma is located at the 6th floor (The Ledge) of Shangri-la Plaza Mall, EDSA corner Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City.. Call them at 637-3090.

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