Cold Stone Creamery : I Scream for Ice Cream!

After having dinner one Saturday night, Paul, our friend O and I decided to have some ice cream before heading home. I don't know what it is with having ice cream but I guess, with the forever warm temperature we have here in Singapore, enjoying a cone, bowl or even an entire tub of ice cream always seems to be a good idea. The same is true in Manila only I'd always go for a tall glass of halo-halo (with a scoop of ice cream) whenever I get the chance to.

So, there we were walking along Orchard Road when we were greeted by a long queue in front of Cold Stone Creamery outside Orchard Central. I personally do not like queuing up and having to wait forever till I can finally eat. However, the boys were pretty keen on having their ice cream that evening and assured me that the wait won't be long. Okay, I give in!

cold stone 1
What makes Cold Stone Creamery different from the other ice cream parlor is that they mix in various dry ingredients into your choice of ice cream. I really love mixed-in ice cream creations as opposed to the regular ones with all the add-ons as toppings. It just makes the experience more exciting as you get a good amount of crunch and whatever flavor in every bite. I loved it so much that one of our kind family friend even gave Paul and I our own ice cream marble block for our wedding!

cold stone 2
There are a lot of choices available and I initially had a hard time deciding which one to get. You can either go for their Signature Creations or if you're feeling like an ice cream connoisseur, then go and create your own flavor! I was sharing my ice cream with Paul thus we decided to go for the Mud Pie Mojo. This is because I wanted a coffee-flavored ice cream while Paul wanted peanut butter and fudge. After going back and forth various options for about 10 minutes, this was the best choice that will make the both of us happy.

The boys were right, the wait wasn't that long. Soon, we found ourselves at the front of the line and it was our turn to give our orders to the server. As soon as we did, then the magic happened. Quickly, ingredients were mixed into a big scoop of coffee ice cream. Oreo bits, peanut butter, roasted almond and a generous drizzle of chocolate fudge. As soon as everything has been mixed in, my ice cream went up up in the air and straight to my medium-sized cup! It was like a baseball KIND of baseball game.

cold stone 3
Service was really good and the staff were all so friendly. At some point, they would start cheering and singing while working. This just got to be the modern day version of Snow White's 7 dwarves when they were singing "Hi-Ho-Hi-Ho"!

cold stone 4
The Mud Pie Mojo was delicious! I loved the sweet and creamy coffee ice cream and the fact that I get that surprising crunch from the Oreo cookie in every bite. It's a good balance of having a generous amount of chocolate, coffee and peanut butter all in one bowl. I'm so happy we decided to try this.

I got to admit, Cold Stone's ice cream is a tad more expensive compared to others and most especially when placed side-by-side my local favorite $1 ice cream sandwich. However, it sure was a good after-dinner treat as we just hanged out by the bar area and watched people go in and out.

Manila folks need not be jealous as I heard Cold Stone Creamery has finally opened it's flagship store in Serendra, Bonifacio Global City. Why not schedule a visit this weekend and try the Mud Pie Mojo too! Tell me about your Cold Stone Creamery PH experience okay?

Cold Stone Creamery is located at the Ground Floor (#01-09/10) of Orchard Central Mall, Singapore. They also have branches in Marina Bay Sands, Far East Square and Citylink Mall. 

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