Loadin' it up with the Starbucks Card (Philippines and Singapore version)

I've always been a loyal Starbucks fan ever since they opened their flagship store in 6750 in the Philippines back in December 4, 1997. A good amount of time of my college years were, in fact, spent hanging out at Starbucks Pearl Drive where I'd cram for the next exam, work on my papers or bond with new found fellow Starbucks loving friends. It's funny though that despite spending so much time in the store, I've never drank a single cup of coffee. I've tried all the other products though -- Frappuccino, Iced Tea, Hot Tea, Hot Chocolate, food items.. you name it, I've most probably tried it. I really don't know why but I never really found the "calling" to try a cup of java...till that fateful day in May 2006 when I officially became a Starbucks partner and THAT changed my love affair with the Green Siren forever. I began drinking coffee (in moderation of course) and eventually got my Coffee Master certification too!

It has been almost half a decade since I left the Green Siren HQ but for me; Starbucks Coffee, wherever I may be in the world, will always be my 3rd place. Take for example two Fridays ago, I was feeling quite sad as Paul was still in Manila and I was unfortunately on my own and down with a bad case of cough and colds. I really didn't want to bother my friends who obviously were busy with their own lives so it was indeed a very lonely week for me. On my 6th day alone, I couldn't take it anymore and found comfort in our nearby Starbucks store as I people-watched while enjoying my Mango Passion Frappuccino. Somehow, after finishing my drink and spending a good amount of time in there, I went home feeling a teeny-weeny bit happier.

starbucks 1
For Starbucks lovers like myself, you'd be happy to know that you can actually get a pre-loaded Starbucks Card! I believe this has been available in markets like Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan but it has recently been launched in Manila and I really recommend for you to get one. All you have to do is to purchase it straight-out at Php. 300 and you instantly get your own card which has a Php. 300 load inside. Technically, the price you pay is consumable.

I have my own Starbucks card here in Singapore and I also got one during my short visit home a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, there are only two generic-looking designs available for the Philippine version but knowing the creativity of our PH team, I'm pretty sure we'll be seeing more festive card designs soon.

Now, let us take a closer look at the card:

starbucks 3
First things first, don't forget to register your card. For Starbucks PH card holders log on to: http://www.starbucks.ph/card. Meanwhile, for Starbucks SG card holders, register your card at https://card.starbucks.com.sg/card.jsp

starbucks 2
After a successful registration, you will get a prompt saying that you're entitled to a free drink at Starbucks Coffee! Hooray! The freebie varies, I realized. For Starbucks PH cards, you get a free Grande drink of your choice. Whereas, SG cardholders get any drinks (that's any size, any kind) of your choice. Whichever it may be, we were really happy to get our 1st treat.

As soon as you enjoy your welcome drink, you can now watch out for all the other treats Starbucks has in store for you such as:

- your very own birthday treat with a complimentary slice of cake
- Coffee Stars which will entitle you to more rewards such as another Grande sized beverage, a free 250g Starbucks whole bean or a 12-pack Starbucks VIA Ready Brew.

I love how the Starbucks card has no expiry date provided you use it within 3 years. The only drawback is that the cards can't be used across the different markets in the region thus the growing collection of Starbucks cards in my wallet.

This is perfect for those who frequents Starbucks Coffee as not only will you get your daily cup of coffee, you get to earn points and claim your complimentary cup soon too! I also think this makes a great gift, agree? Head out now and get your own Starbucks Card!

Share your experience with me below. ;)

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