How do I love thee, Poulet? Let me count the ways...

Singapore is literally brimming with lots of good food!

From the nearby hawker stalls to the classy fine-dining restaurants. In the 7 months that I've been here, I have to admit that I'm going on extremely slow pace in checking the food scene out. I'd say it's because both Paul and I have done some drastic lifestyle change which includes less eating out, more time at home, eating home-cooked meals, staying healthy and starting a fitness routine. As much as we love food, we have come to admit that our lives were pretty much sedentary in Manila thus leading to a big waistline, double..even triple chins, high marks in our blood tests and all the unwanted sickness in the world.

Moving here pushed us to make the decision to start a new life. New home, new life. Makes sense right? So anyway, we do still eat out but we limit it to the weekends. This is the only time we allow ourselves to indulge on that medium-sized cup of ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery or my favourite PB&J cupcakes from Twelve Cupcakes.

poutlet 4
A month or so ago, an old friend of mine came to Singapore to visit. As much as I'd normally go for a new restaurant, when it comes to treating my friends out, I would opt for the tried and tested ones. So far I have a few and Poulet is definitely one of them. So, off we went to the newly opened Poulet branch in Vivo City which is right across the much talked about Jamie Italian.

I've been to Poulet so many times! Once with my family, another one with my friend and many more in between whenever Paul and I would just like to enjoy a good French dinner minus the frills. I can imagine the similarities of visiting Poulet to that of visiting an aunt who's an amazing cook (think: Julia Child). Her kitchen is an organized chaos where only she and she alone knows where each pots, pans and utensils are. Mind you, Poulet's kitchen seems to be spotless but the quality of food that comes out of it gives you the same amount of comfort you'd get after enjoying a really good home-cooked food. That's how much I love it.

That evening I went with my all-time favourites:

poutlet 1
Poulet Roti (Half: S$15.80 / Whole: S$28.80)
Perfectly roasted chicken with yummy and creamy mushroom chardonnay sauce. I love this so much that I would make sure to mop up the sauce with every single slice of chicken meat. Yum!

poutlet 2
Mashed Potato (S$3.80)
Here's the perfect sides when dining at Poulet. You'll definitely fall in love with the silky smooth mashed potato. I've made everyone I've dined at Poulet try this and they all loved it too!

poutlet 3
Sauteed Wild Mushrooms (S$7.80)
Since Paul and I shared the Poulet Roti and I was feeling a bit hungry, I made sure to order an additional side dish to fill me up. I saw this being served to the table next door and I quickly asked the server to get me one for myself as well. Mushrooms and poached egg, who would have thought would make such a gooey, earthy combination? Watch how I broke the egg and let the yolk run down the dish covering the sauteed wild mushroom in the process. It was really delicious and this is definitely part of my must-order list on my next visit to Poulet.

We actually ordered more items such as the Tiramisu, Baked Escargot and more. It was a fun French feast coupled with good conversations all around the table.

Bon Appetit!

Poulet is located at the Ground Floor of Vivo City, 1 HarbourFront Walk, Singapore. They also have branches in Great World City, Bugis+, Chinatown Point and a lot more. Click here for the full listing.

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