Snack Time: Happy Cookie

Have you catch the latest video that has been getting a lot of appearance and exposure 'round the social media channels? It's a funny skit created by Jimmy Fellon (such a talented guy) and Justin Timberlake entitled "Hashtag."

This is what is called a hastag --> #
Show this sign to most of our parents and they'll say it's a number sign. For phone users, they'll say it's the pound sign. For Instagram and Twitter fans, it's definitely called a Hashtag.

I'm pretty guilty of using hashtags in most of my Twitter and Instagram captions. An #example would be something as #classic as this in hopes that using #hashtags would make the word #trend. #yeahimcoollikethat #wishing

happy cookie 3
The video made me think of cookies and speaking of #cookies (hehe okay I'll stop), let me share with you one discovery that I had during my short visit home. Meet Happy Cookie!

When I got an email from Erika of Happy Cookie asking me if she can send over a couple of boxes of her yummy baked treats for me to try, of course I just had to say yes. After all, who says no to cookie? Definitely not this cookie monster! Among all baked sweets, I love cookies! Crunchy, chewy, nutty, chocolately, with oats, with fruits... I love them all! Erika sent me two boxes just in time for my arrival back in Manila. What a great surprise!

happy cookie 1
I first tried the Chocolate Chip Cookies (Php. 280/dozen) and look how the chocolate oozes out! It was pure nirvana. I love how the cookie was chewy yet not crumbly at all. It was so yummy that the second day, I had it with a glass of cold skim milk.

happy cookie 2
As for the Oatmeal Raisin (Php 280/dozen) it was more on the crunchy kind. I'm not very fond of raisins but when mixed in the cookies, somehow I don't get to taste it anymore. I noticed that it took a while before it hardened up which means you can continue to enjoy your cookies when placed in cool room temperature for 2-3 days..that is if only if you don't finish it up in one sitting.

Hooray for Happy Cookie!

Contact them at 0917-8405512 and follow them on Facebook too!

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