Happy Birthday Paul!!!

Today is #ThrowbackThursday and I'd like to share this photo with all of you:
fran and paul

It was actually our first photo together taken during Paul's 22nd birthday exactly 10 years ago. We were not a couple then. "Just friends", as what we would tell suspecting friends and family members. Very showbiz, no?

Anyway, it's Paul's special day today and I realized that I haven't actually dedicated a full blog post on him. I know he'd probably strangle me if he knows that I did anyway. He's a low profile kind of guy, shying away from the limelight yet he has always been there cheering me on.

fran and paul
In keeping with the showbiz-ness of this blog entry, allow me to end this with my personal dedication for Paul:

Dear Paul,

Happy Birthday!

May our future sons (yes plural) someday not only have your cute looks but may they also grow up to be the nicest, most selfless, ever supportive, loving and caring men too. 

Looking forward to a lifetime of adventure with you. I ♥ You!

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